How Democrats Make Gods Out Of Aliens

“A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.” – Aristotle

Gods create gods. That is the nature of politics. We live in a system which, because of its Christian establishment, requires faith. Generally speaking, to attain higher office, one must profess some kind of spiritual affiliation, specifically Christian in nature. Even Obama has claimed—when it served him—that he was a Christian. Nancy Pelosi has, with relative frequency, touted her alleged devout Catholicism, even though one of her most public platforms is the slaughter of children—which is a catholic no-no.

Politicians have a habit of creating gods as well as pretending to serve them. When an issue falls outside their ability to control it, they resort to deifying it. When an issue becomes unpopular, one of the best ways to make it untouchable is to attach a kind of spiritual significance to it. Once an issue is deified, any criticism of it is labeled as un-Christian, or as a hit job on humanity itself. The critic is lambasted for his cruelty regarding an issue that, just days before, was entirely unrelated to Christianity and spirituality.

For an example, I can once again turn to the tin lady herself, Nancy Pelosi. In an effort to mirror the Pope, and get Christ-credits—because she’s a fraudulent catholic—Pelosi took to Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal church to wash the feet of children. Aw, what a nice act. Nope, she used it to promote amnesty. Pelosi Tweeted “Honored to be in the Mission to assist Andrus as he washes the feet of immigrant families.” She also took the opportunity to talk about the immigration reform bill.

Amnesty is a contentious issue, which has become the gorilla in the political room. The Democrats are losing the intellectual and factual argument, so they have begun to deify illegals.  The recent push by the Catholic Church for amnesty is certainly helping, and I’m certain it has been—at least in part—orchestrated by the Democrats.

Pelosi doesn’t care about her faith; she’s a heretic. Pelosi doesn’t care about the United States; by promoting amnesty, she’s promoting our economic stagnation. Finally, Pelosi doesn’t care about the immigrants she claims to serve; she just wants to use them to further the consolidation of liberal power in Washington.

To know your enemy, you must know their motives. Nancy Pelosi only has one goal in mind: amnestied immigrants voting Democrat, thus shutting out national conservatism forever. She may pretend to be a woman of faith, she may pretend to care about her country, and she may pretend to care about people, but she only cares about herself and the advancement of her morally bankrupt political Party.

Nancy Pelosi, and her ilk will do everything they can to make amnesty a spiritual issue, so they can become untouchable. Amnesty is a legal and political issue which has been won with conservatism. Don’t allow them to change the argument.