Democrats Call Lost IRS Emails “Conspiracy Theory”

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, recalcitrance, and now conspiracy theory. These are all words used by liberals to dismiss legitimate complaints made by conservatives. When a scandal breaks, it is never the Democrats who are at fault. Instead, it’s a manufactured crisis based in Republican animus toward their opposition, or it’s a sexist attack, or a manifestation of racism. Every accusation of wrongdoing is dismissed by poisoning the well.

Poisoning the well is a tactic used frequently by the Democrats so that they don’t have to argue the point. Whenever a legitimate criticism is made of the left, they belittle the critic and delegitimize him so they don’t have to address the criticism itself. But there comes a point when poisoning the well can’t possibly work. That point is reached when enough evidence is accumulated—factual or circumstantial—to rule out the possibility of coincidence.

Say you’re a parent, and your very rebellious son has been slacking off at school. You tell him directly that when this report card comes in the mail, and you see bad grades, you will punish him. You know the exact day that the report card will arrive, but on that day, your son gets home before you. When you get home, you see that your son has brought in the mail, and set it on the table. You check the mail, and the card is not there. What would you think? Would you assume the report card just hadn’t arrived? Or would you think that your son had taken it? What would lead you to believe he had taken it? The evidence points in that direction. Previous rebellious behavior on his part tells you that he isn’t afraid to lie, deceive, or disobey you. You and he both know his grades are going to be bad, and nobody wants to be punished. He handled the mail prior to your getting home, so he had ample opportunity to remove the card. And you had knowledge that the report card would be in your mailbox on that exact date. These are basic, unconscious reasoning skills that we all posses which give us the ability to discern truth from BS.

Now let’s look at a different situation. The IRS has been caught targeting conservatives. Over the course of the investigation, Lois Lerner has plead the fifth nine times, refusing to incriminate herself. Now, it has come to light that the hard drive on which two years of Lerner’s emails were stored was not only damaged because of a computer crash, but later destroyed. Conservatives are claiming that the destruction of the hard drive was intentional, and the left is calling the conservatives “conspiracy theorists.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

So I don’t know if you’re floating another conspiracy or if this is a request from Republicans who are floating a conspiracy or what exactly the suggestion is…But the fact of the matter is we’ve cooperated extensively, and despite that cooperation, you know, we’ve seen continued allegations of Republican conspiracy theories that just never pan out.”

Rep. Joe Crowley:

Like those who continue to refuse to believe the birth certificate from the state of Hawaii is actually real, conspiracy theorists will continue to rattle sabers…But really does anyone in this room want to be seen in that light.”

Just as in the report card analogy, there are many red flags in the IRS story:

1. It has already been confirmed that there was wrongdoing on the part of the IRS, so what would stop them from further wrongdoing?

2. Invoking Fifth Amendment rights nine times isn’t an indicator of innocence. If there’s nothing to hide, there would be no fear of self-incrimination.

3. Two years of emails—the emails specifically needed by the investigation–are suddenly lost, and allegedly irretrievable.

4. Following the alleged computer crash, the hard drive—which could have been studied by the investigation—was destroyed, and recycled.

The point has been reached at which coincidence is no longer a possibility. It is clear to anyone who possesses base reasoning skills that something is afoot. Conspiracy? More like common sense. The Democrats know that this is a bad situation for them, so rather than argue the point (which they can’t), they poison the well.