Democrats Attack Republican Ad that Calls Democrat Opponent “Nice Guy”

How bad a year are the Democrats having?

It’s so bad that when a Republican candidate comes out with an ad that actually compliments his Democrat opponent… the Democrat Party completely loses it’s mind.

Here, watch Colorado Republican Cory Gardner’s latest ad and see if you can spot the horrible things he says.

Isn’t that Cory Gardner a bad guy!?!

Here’s what the Democrats had to say about this really mean advertisement.

“It’s clear Congressman Cory Gardner’s campaign is struggling to overcome the damage done by his support for laws that could block a woman’s access to common forms of birth control, take away women’s personal health care decisions even in cases of rape or incest, and roll women’s health care rights back decades. It’s disgusting that Congressman Gardner would stoop as low as attacking Senator Mark Udall’s late father and it is beneath a candidate running for the U.S. Senate. Congressman Gardner should apologize to Senator Udall and his family and pull the ad off the air.”

Um… maybe we watched different ads?

Democrats must be really worried to let an ad like this make them so upset.