Democrats Are Just Like Starlings

Throughout most of the United States, you can see large flocks of a blackish bird known as the common or European starling.  Their scientific name, Sturnus vulgaris, was given to them for obvious reasons.  They are noisy and have a very unpleasant voice, and they are very messy.

Starlings were first introduced into the US by the noble efforts of a Shakespeare fan, Eugene Schieffelin.  He was the president of the American Acclimatization Society and made it his goal to introduce every bird that Shakespeare every mentioned, into the United States.  After a couple of failed attempts, Schieffelin finally released 60 starlings into New York City’s Central Park in 1890.  There was also an attempt made to introduce starlings into the Pacific Northwest at the same time as Schiefflin’s attempt. Thirty-five pairs were released in Portland, Oregon.  However, that population vanished by 1902.  Over the years, the 60 starlings in New York have multiplied to over 160 million and have spread throughout the country and into Canada.  They can often be seen in flocks of several hundred birds.

As I was watching a flock of starlings the other day, it dawned on me just how much they reminded me of many of today’s Democrats.  Allow me to explain.

Starlings form large flocks where they blindly follow each other from one direction to another.  In many instances, they swarm in on a food source, devouring everything in sight and leaving behind copious amounts of waste.  When they are feeding, their voices are not harmonious, but quite dissonant and harsh.  After consuming what they can in one place, they crave more and move on to the next food source.

We have half a dozen bird feeders and several suet feeders in our backyard.  We have a steady flow of different birds coming in and out of the feeders.  When a flock of starlings discover we have filled the feeders and suet, they swarm in, driving all of the other birds away as if the feeders are their entitlements alone.  Not until they are well gorged on the seeds and suet, do they fly off, leaving more copious amounts of waste behind them.

In the past several decades, I’ve noticed Democrats acting more and more like starlings.  They too move in unison from one topic to another, often without any thought to where or why.  Like starlings, they swarm in on entitlements and devour everything in sight.  When they consume those entitlements, they squawk with harsh dissonant voices demanding more.  They don’t work for any of what they get.  They expect others to provide it for them.

In 123 years, starlings have multiplied from 60 individuals to over 160 million.  There seems to be no way now of slowing down their increasing numbers.  In time, their numbers and demands will become so great that no one will be able to supply them.  Their consumption won’t just affect them, but other birds and wildlife around them.  When the supplies run out, the ecosystem will collapse, causing massive die offs of starling, finches, cardinals, vireos, chickadees, and a number of others.

Democrats are like starlings as neither one has any redeeming qualities nor do they contribute anything to society other than copious amounts of waste.  When the supplies run out and there isn’t any more money to furnish all of the entitlements the Democrats demand, our ecosystem will also collapse.  When it does, it will cause massive problems for everyone, not just the Democrats.  We’ll all suffer a collapsed economy.  Millions of Americans will lose their jobs, homes, families and lives.  The devastation will make the Great Depression look like a small minor event.  In the end, America will never recover and return to the glory it once had.

Yep, Democrats are just like starlings, Sturnus vulgaris!