Democrats Are Just Clueless Because They Don’t Listen To Anything

Barack Obama is Mormon, pro-life and got most of the jobs he said he would.  Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate is Paul Ryan who happens to be black.  McCain may take 40% of the vote, perhaps more if he drops Sarah Palin.  Romney is black, a Muslim, supportive of gay-marriage and believes in pro-choice.  Everyone is hoping that Obama finally catches Osama bin Laden and either kills him or puts him in jail indefinitely.  One voter plans to vote for Romney, McCain and Obama.

Howard Stern has got to be one of the most liberal and vulgar people ever to host a regular syndicated radio program.  Whenever I hear his name associated with anything I’m immediately skeptical.  However, I received an email from featuring an audio clip of interviews with Democrats that showed just how well informed they are.  Listen for yourself:

I’m sure that there are Republicans and Independents, as well that have no clue what is happening or who is running for President and Vice President.  But from the reports I’ve read and heard and the people I’ve spoken to, it seems to be that more Democrats are clueless than Republicans or Independents.

Part of this might be that more poor people do not have television or read newspapers.  There is also a significant number of people, poor and middle class, that do not listen to the news.  The result is a population that has little knowledge of what is really going on in the country.  They have no clue what Obama has done and what he has failed to do, all they need to know is that he’s black and stands up for the poor people.  In fact Obama not only stands up for poor people but is doing his best to create more poor people because poor people support him.

This goes with the same mentality of people who will vote for Obama because their parents were Democrats.  Some guy’s dad was a coal miner so he admits to being a liberal Democrat and will vote for Obama for no other reason.

It doesn’t matter to any of these people that Obama has the worst economic and jobs performance record of any President in U.S. history.  It doesn’t matter to them that he is stripping away our constitutional rights of free speech, freedom of religion (unless you’re a Muslim), the right to bear firearms and due process.  It doesn’t matter to them that America is on the verge of a financial collapse that could send the entire world into the Greatest Depression and end our world dominance.

The only thing that matters to them is Obama is black and he promised to help poor people and that ignorance just may get him elected for a second term.