Democratic Rant on Fox News Displays Party Mentality or Lack Thereof

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.  Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, went on a verbal tirade that would even put Vice President Joe Biden to shame.

For three minutes, Ellison displayed his Party loyalty and ignorance as he ranted against Hannity, referring to him as the worst excuse for a journalist he’d ever seen.  His blinded bias was evident when he kept repeating that everything President Barack Obama said was the truth and that he was right on everything.  That’s the kind of loyalty one wants from an official food tasters to make sure you’re not going to be poisoned.

Referring to Hannity playing Obama’s words on the air, Ellison accused him of yellow journalism.  So let me get this straight.  Everything Obama said was the truth, but to replay his words is yellow journalism?  What kind of logic is that?

Ellison accused Hannity of being a champion of the Republican cause, but Hannity replied that he is a registered Conservative, not a Republican.  That didn’t matter to Ellison who just kept repeating his accusations as if his mouth was an assault weapon, firing many rounds in a short period of time.

Hannity was called immoral by Ellison because he supposedly says things, especially about Ellison’s hero Caliph Obama, that aren’t true.  It didn’t matter to Ellison that Obama lies more than any politician in Washington, including Pelosi and Reid.

With that type of behavior and blind loyalty to the most corrupt president the United States has ever had, one has to wonder about the Democratic Party and its future.  Democrats like Ellison will rarely, if ever, agree to any bipartisan politics unless Obama decrees it.  He is incapable of carrying on a civil conversation with anything that he disagrees with.  Frankly, Ellison’s behavior was so despicable, that I don’t believe he is worth the time it took to write this about him.