Democratic Party Platform: Eagles More Valuable Than Humans

What is an egg? Assuming it has been fertilized, an egg is an unborn animal in an early stage of life. If it’s a snake egg, it’s an unborn snake. A snake lives inside that egg.

In America, it is illegal to destroy eagle eggs; that is, unborn eagles. To do so is punishable by a $250,000 fine and up to two years in prison.

Humans are mammals and thus do not lay eggs, but it is perfectly legal to destroy an unborn one. No fines, no prison.

On top of that, there is a political party, the Democratic, whose members actively campaign on continuing this destruction. And at taxpayer expense, no less.

Unborn eagles are far more valuable than unborn humans. This is the modern Democratic platform.

A liberal explained it to ignorant ol’ me. “Bald eagles are an endangered species,” he said. “Of course people should be punished for trying to kill them.”

Oh, well then of course!

Another liberal chimed in. “Eagles are endangered. They are in danger of going extinct. This is our [humans’] fault pretty much exclusively.”

But wait…so what if an animal goes extinct? Survival of the fittest, right? We’re “just another species,” right? That’s what the Left preaches; it’s what they have the school teachers drive into us at an early age.

If it’s humans’ fault certain species of eagle are going extinct (absolving of any blame, of course, the environmentalists and their windmills), well, we’re just animals and they’re just animals, isn’t that right? And they’re obviously weaker since they can’t survive with us.

That’s what the left believes, at least when they’re not offering contradictory arguments in support of abortion.

I believe we should try to conserve species, but I also believe humans are superior to animals. I also understand that if you place more value on an unborn eagle than on an unborn human, it necessarily means, if you follow the logical progression of that, that you believe a newborn eagle is more valuable than a newborn human, and an adult eagle more valuable than an adult human. And I believe—and I’m right about this—that that is an evil belief.

So the godless Left is totally willing to discard their belief in natural selection, of survival of the fittest, but only for purposes of rationalizing terminating the lives of unborn humans.