Democratic Leadership Responsible for Poorest Cities in U.S.

I’ve found numerous sites that have different lists of the poorest cities in the U.S.  Some use median income as their standard and others use unemployment rate.  However, there was one list that I found on a couple different websites that listed the top 10 poorest big cities in America based on the percentage of people living below the poverty level.  Here is the list they gave:

  • Detroit, MI – 32.5%
  • Buffalo, NY – 29.9%
  • Cincinnati, OH – 27.8%
  • Cleveland, OH – 27%
  • Miami, FL – 26.9%
  • St. Louis, MO – 26.8%
  • El Paso, TX – 26.4%
  • Milwaukee, WI – 26.2%
  • Philadelphia, PA – 25.1%
  • Newark, NJ – 24.2%

All of these large cities that are in the top of the nation for the largest percentage of people living below the poverty level have one thing in common – Democratic mayors.  Some of these cities have had a Democratic mayor for nearly 100 years, but all have been ruled by Dems for at least twenty plus years.

Doesn’t this say volumes about the Democrat’s economic policies?

And yet the people keep electing one Democratic leader after another as if the next one is going to make anything any better.  It’s just like so many of the video interviews I’ve seen with Obama supporters, many of which are poor.  Don’t matter that they are poor and getting poorer, they’re still going to vote for Obama because he’s the hero of the Dumbocratic Party.

Many of these people remind me of a frog in a pot of water.  If you put the frog in the water when it’s a comfortable temperature, it won’t jump out.  You can slowly keep raising the temperature of the water by putting the pot on the stove, but the frog won’t jump out.  Eventually, the water gets so hot that it kills the frog because they frog would not jump out of the water.  The people are the frogs and they are turning up the flames themselves by continuing to elect Democratic leadership that continues to fail them.  Eventually conditions will get so bad, that people will start to die off at a high rate and then probably start to rebel and turn to violence.  Wait a minute, in some of these cities like Detroit and Cincinnati, it’s already starting to happen and the rest of the nation isn’t that far behind.