Democrat State Senators Accidentally Reveal True Gun Control Agenda

Bryant H. McGill said: “The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.” The most notable part of that quote is the part regarding liars. Good liars are well adept at climbing the social and economic ladder to achieve success, regardless of who they have to destroy to get there. At the end of the day, they are motivated by greed or ideology. Either way, their motivation drives them to conceal the truth for the benefit of themselves and their agenda. It is these people whom we often find thriving in the world of politics.

Liberals have a gift for lying, only rivaled by their gift for trash talking Conservatives on major media outlets. On the outside, the Left wants to be viewed as a moderate, well- meaning group of people. They are able to accomplish this by simply lying. Every so often, one of their lies gets brought to the surface for the world to see. These are the times that make me the happiest.

In the shadow of the national gun control debate, New Jersey is having its own shoot out over gun rights. According to PolitickerNJ, three state Senators were caught on a live mic, talking about gun rights advocates, and discussing gun confiscation.

“Second Amendment rights advocates are fuming today over words from three Democratic state senators caught on tape after Thursday’s hearing on the upper chamber’s gun control package…The three female senators, who sound from the recording to be Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Sen. Sandy Cunningham and Sen. Linda Greenstein are heard discussing the just-closed hearing…’We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate,’ said an unknown voice…Weinberg said she had no idea who said confiscate or in what context, or if it was even a lawmaker. The next voice, which is clearly Weinberg, said, ‘They want to keep the guns out of the hands of the bad guys, but they don’t have any regulations to do it.’ Next up was Cunningham: ‘They don’t care about the bad guys. All they want to do is have their little guns and do whatever they want with them.’ Then Greenstein: ‘That’s the line they’ve developed.’”

1. I think it’s interesting how Democrat politicians are always decrying, and mocking Conservatives for suggesting that the Democrats want to ban guns altogether. With basic foresight, it can be seen that that is exactly what they want to do. Yet they continue to deny it.

2. The absolute disdain that Senator Cunningham has for Second Amendment advocates is both depressing and terrifying. Her lack of understanding regarding the motivations of her Conservative counterparts shows just how short-sighted then Left can be.

3. Granted, there are those on the Right who have similar problems; but the number is far less than that on the Left.

The reason Democrats have to lie about their intentions regarding gun control is because if the truth were to be revealed, they would be thrown out of office. They have to proceed with steadiness and caution, slowly building their agenda, until suddenly, the final product just appears before us. If they were to reveal to the American people their actual plan, they would never accomplish anything, so they try to bypass us in slow motion; using soft words.

Their purposes are often much more nefarious than their words would suggest. That is why stories like this one need to make headlines. The most frightening part of this whole situation is how little the Left understands the Right. Conservatives understand all too well the machinations of Liberals, but Liberals often misunderstand Conservatives. It is in this misunderstanding where the danger lies.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking all about the political scene; and when a wolf is discovered, it needs to be revealed.