Democrat Says Ted Cruz Isn’t REALLY Hispanic

As human beings, we have a knack for categorization. In fact, categorization is part of what gets us through the day. When we cannot place an object in order with other like objects, we become confused. We enjoy being in control of defining everything around us. When something defies categorization, people often react negatively toward it—rejecting it, because it doesn’t fit within their carefully constructed framework of life. Interestingly, categorization is also what kills us. Racism is a form of categorizing, for example. By placing someone in a different category than ourselves, we are able to alienate them. Alienation turns to indifference; and indifference to hate.

I’ve written many times about the Liberal disdain for Black Conservatives. Black Conservatives defy Liberal categorization. Liberals believe that Black people should behave in a certain way, believe certain things, and vote Democrat. When a Black person steps outside the confines of the Liberal pen, Democrats become confused. A standard reaction to this confusion is dismissal. “Well, they’re not really Black if they vote Republican. They’re brainwashed; an Uncle Tom; they’re confused. They don’t know what they’re doing.” This happens frequently, and with extraordinary consistency.

This dismissal disregards humanity in favor of categories. Liberals cannot possibly believe that a Black person would behave differently than they expect them to, so the only answer is that they must not be Black. Liberals don’t see minorities as people; they see them as a voting bloc.

With the meteoric rise of Freshman Senator Ted Cruz, the Left is beginning to feel threatened. When a minority–usually Black, but in this case Hispanic–rises to power and popularity, one would like to believe that that minority individual could lead without their race being questioned. But because the Left doesn’t see people, but voting blocks, race is always the issue.

In an interview for ABC News, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said this when asked if he thought that Ted Cruz represented Hispanics:

“No, no. He’s anti-immigration. Almost every Hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform. No, I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic. He’s a politician from Texas, a conservative state. And I respect Texas’ choice. But what I don’t like is…when you try to get things done, it’s okay to be strong and state your views, your ideology. But I’ve seen him demean the office, be rude to other senators, not be part of, I think, the civility that is really needed in Washington.”

Surprise! A Democrat–a Hispanic Democrat–stating that Ted Cruz–also Hispanic–should not be defined as part of his own ethnicity. Why? Because he holds views that, according to the Left, Hispanics shouldn’t hold. Wow, classic Leftist logic.

Richardson first makes the claim that Cruz is “anti-immigration.” This is a straw-man, often employed by the Left when they cannot defend their amnesty policies. He is certainly not “anti-immigration,” he is anti-illegal immigration. Second, he demeans Cruz by saying that he’s mean. Essentially, Richardson is saying that it’s ok for a minority to hold positions contrary to the Left, so long as they keep their mouths shut. Otherwise, you are a meanie. Any time a Conservative is winning, Democrats call for “civility.” When a Democrat behaves aggressively, they’re just freedom fighters; lovable rough necks.

This is classic minority Conservative bashing on the part of the Left. They see a rising star in Cruz; someone who has the potential to crush Democrats in 2016; and they need to squelch him. They cannot have a minority spouting Conservative views; it makes them look bad.

Ted Cruz has absurd potential, and that has the Left freaking out. The attacks have started; and they will only get worse, more frequent, and more outrageous. Just wait until 2016; the Left’s war machine will be operating at full capacity. Fortunately, Ted Cruz has their number. He will tear them apart.