Democrat Presidential Candidate Mocks Hillary Clinton on “Smart Power”

Former Senator from Virginia Jim Webb (D-VA) did his best to hide the disgust in his voice when he took on the popular narrative that President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were using “smart power” when they decided to intervene in the Arab Spring, specifically in Libya. The truth of the matter is that our involvement in Libya was just about the┬áleast intelligent thing we could have done and while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might pretend it wasn’t… Jim Webb has no qualms calling it like it is.

“Our response, which was smart power at its best… is the U.S. will not lead this, we will provide capabilities that we have, but the Europeans and the Arabs have to be first over the line… I think President Obama made the right decision at the time…

We had no treaties at risk, no Americans at risk…if people think it was a wise thing to do, try to get to the Tripoli airport today… you can’t do it.”