Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer will Oppose the Iran Deal!

President Obama just lost the most important Democrat voice┬áin Congress on the Iran Deal. Democrat leader, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has announced that he will be opposing the Iran deal because there are just too many “holes” in it.

First, let me say this. This was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make. I studied it long and hard, read the agreement a whole bunch of times, had many, many, many meetings and interviews with people on both sides, including three classified briefings where you can ask questions that are not in the confines of the document but very relevant to making a decision and I have found when it’s such a difficult decision as this one has been, you’ve got to study it carefully, come up with a conclusion, not let pressure, politics or party influence your decision and then do the right thing as one sees it. Well, that’s what I’ve done with Iran, I found the inspections regime not anywhere anytime but with lots of holes in it. Particularly troublesome, you have to wait 24 days before you can inspect. That will allow some of the radioactivity to be seen but not non radioactivity that goes into building a bomb, all of the other things you need.

Schumer’s opposition may present a significant problem for President Obama when the Iran deal comes to a vote in Congress.