Democrat economics getting media play, represents shrinking minority

Over and over again Obama blasts the Republicans for supporting “deregulation” because that “got us into this mess.”

The fact that he says it, and the fact that the media and pundits cravenly treat it as thoughtful, is all designed to make you think that everyone else believes it.

As you probably already know, banks being allowed to take gigantic risks and then using the government to plunder you to bail them out is not “deregulation” in any meaningful sense of the word. Let the investment class reap their own rewards and also bear their own risks.

The good news is: you are not alone!

Gallup just released their study and found that there is a forty-seven percent that should be opposed to the Obama campaign. Because forty-seven percent believe that we need less government regulation of the economy. Specifically, the poll asked, “In general, do you think there is too much, too little, or about the right amount of government regulation of business and industry?” Only twenty-six percent thought there was “too little” and twenty-four percent said that there was now “the right amount of government regulation.”

The collapse of Lehman Bros., the failure of the secondary mortgage market, and other business problems in 2008 and 2009 might have been expected to increase Americans’ desire for more government control of business and industry. But that was not the case. Americans’ views that there is too much government regulation in fact began to rise in 2009, perhaps in response to the new Obama administration and new business regulation policies such as Dodd-Frank, reaching an all-time high of 50% in 2011 before settling down slightly this year to 47%.

When the poll looked at the two main parties, it found that Republicans overwhelmingly favored less regulation while forty-two percent of Democrats said there needed to be more regulation and thirty-two percent said we had the right amount.

I wish the Gallup poll had also covered the views of those who make their living in the mainstream media as a separate group. Surely they would have at least as high or even larger percentage than the Democrats who believe that the economy needs more regulation. Anyone who watches or reads them knows that this must be true.

That sort of media consensus can make you think you are an oddity. You are not. Remember this as you see how, in the media, anyone calling for more regulation is treated as credible while anyone who wants freedom is treated as a nut job:

They are the nut jobs.