Democrat Charlie Rangel Race Baits Again

“There is no point in asking a man a question until you have established whether he has any reason to lie to you.” – Ken Follet

At the base of a lie is a desire to keep the truth out of the hands of the person to whom the lie is being told. It’s a protective measure. A lie is invented either to protect the liar, or to protect someone, or something closely associated with the liar. The need for protection indicates that the truth is harmful to the liar. But what harm could be so great that it would necessitate a lie? The most common reason for lying, in my experience, is to protect oneself from reprimand, which may lead to exposure. In the end, power, and control rule.

So why do the Democrats lie so frequently? Well, based on my assessment of the why of lying, it’s clear that they are trying to keep themselves from exposure. They misdirect, and tell lie after lie so that their own inadequacy goes unnoticed. One of the most provocative lies (and one of the best) is that conservatives are critical of Obama because he’s black. The contention that conservatives are all racists, and that our racism is the only reason we criticize Obama, has pervaded every political conversation since 2008.

According to The Huffington Post, good ole Charlie Rangel is once again claiming that conservative opposition to Obama is race-based:

“Are most of the states that they represent, are they in the Confederate states that fought the Union? Were they slaveholder states? And when they come to Washington, do you see more Confederate flags than American flags?…Who would hurt their own people — in terms of cutting off health, job opportunity, food stamps — to get after this president? It takes a lot of hatred to hurt yourself just to embarrass the president…So, I’m trying to think with the tea party — and basically what they have said and what their spokespeople have said — this would not be the same if the president was not of color.”

Rangel makes the typical point regarding racism against the president, but he also adds to the theory. He claims that conservatives are directly harming our own country just to embarrass the president…because he’s black. Rangel attempts to paint the Tea Party as a southern movement–which, you know, means they’re all racists. This is incorrect. According to a Washington Post heat map from January 2014, the Tea Party’s influence is very wide-spread, not just relegated to the south. Furthermore, by making this claim, Rangel is advancing the stereotype that all southerners are racists. Hmm, doesn’t seem very sensitive, Mr. Rangel.

Rangel then claims that Tea Party rallies feature more confederate flags than American ones. That’s just insane, and anyone who has seen coverage of Tea Party events knows this. Finally, he claims that conservatives are hurting “their own people” by cutting food stamps, healthcare, etc. Apparently, fiscal responsibility is akin to cutting our own wrists, because we all know that increasing food stamps and handing over our healthcare system to the fed is fiscally responsible. How high is the debt now?