Democrat Admits To Obamacare Scam

I don’t know that our country will ever be held in the hands of an honest person. There are certainly those who seem to be honest; and there are those who pretend to be honest; but I’m not sure there is any one politician whom I would trust wholeheartedly. That being said, there are politicians who are more deeply dishonest than others. One of the biggest problems we face as a country came about because of dishonesty. That problem is Obamacare. Obamacare is one big, rotting lie; told to Americans to keep us in the dark, and under control.

There are numerous ways by which healthcare could be made cheaper, more efficient, and available to low-income individuals. One would assume that an honest politician—be it a President, or a Senator—would do their level best to exploit these possibilities in full so that Americans could lead healthier lives. But that is where dishonesty comes in.

Healthcare has been a target for many years. Democrats—for varying reasons—have an intense desire to see everything centralized; to have the government run every bit of our lives. In their minds, the government knows best. However, healthcare centralization was off the table until Obama came to power.

In order for Obamacare get all the support it needed to survive, lie after lie had to be told. First, it was said that Obamacare would be “budget neutral.” Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew that that couldn’t possibly be true, yet it was believed by a large number of people, simply because Obama claimed it. Second, it was said that government healthcare wouldn’t eviscerate private insurance; people would have a choice. Again, common sense would say otherwise. And now, more and more Democrats are beginning to admit what we have known to be the truth for quite some time.

According to Town Hall, Chuck Schumer said this when asked what was causing insurance premiums to rise: “It’s in part because of Obamacare, but healthcare costs have been going up in double digits for years and years…Our insurance department is in power to protect families.”

What this means is that the federal government—with its “insurance department”—will keep a keen eye on insurance companies, and when they charge too much, our nanny state will swoop in to slap fees on those companies. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong. Other than the fact that this flies in the face of basic free-market principles, it will cause private insurance to go by the wayside. This will take time, but it will inevitably come to pass.

Once private insurance is dead, everyone will need the public option. This is the game being played. The Democrats want to kill private insurance, so that everyone will be on the government dole. Once everyone is on the dole, backtracking will be nearly impossible. And when there is no way back, and people become complacent in the comforting hands of their mother hen government, they will be more likely to vote Democrat. The same thing is happening with the legalization of illegal immigrants. It’s a power play. Reliance on government creates a vicious cycle, causing people to vote not on their intellect, but on their need. The Democrats are the drug dealers, and we are the addicts.

The saddest thing about this game is that there is no real winner. Even those who benefit from continued control, and a sense of power, eventually lose. In the end, politicians lose power, the people lose everything, and the country is in shambles. But what do they care, so long as they have what they want right now?

In that toxic attitude rests our political system. Obamacare is a disaster, and the President’s power play is working. Whether this game is based solely on a desire for control, or rooted in misguided ideology, the result is the same: we lose.