If We Demand Resignation From Steve Scalise, We Must Also Demand It From Barack Obama

If a friend told you that they regularly attended a church at which the minister was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who preached sermons laced with anti-black, and anti-Semitic rhetoric on a weekly basis, what thoughts would cross your mind? What if they told you that they had been attending that church for twenty years? Would you be a bit uneasy? What if you discovered that your friend had a longstanding, close friendship with this minister? Would you conclude, based on what you had discovered about your friend, that he shared the same beliefs as his minister? Obviously. One would not attend a church, and foster a close friendship with someone whose beliefs were so radical if they did not also share those same beliefs.

A crisis has shaken the Republican Party. News broke several days ago that in 2002, new House Majority Whip Steve Scalise spoke at a conference for the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), a group headed by infamous white supremacist David Duke. According to Tim Mak of The Daily Beast:

Rep. Steve Scalise has a supporter in Kenny Knight, the white nationalist who invited the House Republican to speak at a Metarie, La. Best Western Hotel in 2002—the site of a racist conference…Scalise conceded Tuesday that he had spoken before the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), a group associated with neo-Nazis and racial prejudice, but rejected its ‘hateful bigotry‘…”

John Boehner tried desperately to calm the waters, proclaiming his support for Scalise:

More than a decade ago, Representative Scalise made an error in judgment, and he was right to acknowledge it was wrong and inappropriate…Like many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, I know Steve to be a man of high integrity and good character.”

Mo Elleithee, DNC communications director, issued a statement, which reads in part:

Yesterday, Steve Scalise tried to explain that he didn’t know he was speaking to a white supremacist group when he addressed them as a state legislator. Seriously? He didn’t know?  The group was named the ‘European-American Unity and Rights Organization,’ it was founded by David Duke, and he was invited by two of Duke’s longtime associates. It doesn’t get much more clear than that. That weak attempt at an explanation doesn’t pass the smell test and raises far more questions than it answers. Does he not believe that speaking to an anti-semitic hate group legitimizes them and elevates their racist and divisive existence?

I wonder why it took Scalise twelve years to denounce what he now definitively acknowledges was a mistake. If Scalise was so ashamed of his allegedly accidental association, why did he not get in front of it? Why did he not come clean, and denounce his mistake years ago? One of two reasons: he’s a racist, or he’s just an idiot. Either way, he should resign. But with all the hubbub surrounding Scalise, one must wonder why someone with a similar, and arguably much worse association was not scandalized. For twenty years, Barack Obama sat in the pews of Trinity church, where Reverend Jeremiah Weight preached hateful sermon after hateful sermon. Barack Obama also held a close friendship with Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright is a paranoid, anti-Semitic, anti-white radical, who believes that the government invented AIDS to infect the black community.

According to the New York Post, at a conference in 2010:

Wright referred to Italians as ‘Mamma Luigi’ and ‘pizzeria.’ He said the educational system in America is designed by whites to miseducate blacks ‘not by benign neglect but by malignant intent’…”

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the moderate Reverend Wright:

Whites and Jews are controlling the flow of worldwide information and oppressing blacks in Israel and America.”

The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.”

There’s white racist DNA running through the synapses of his or her brain tissue. They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life.”

You are not now, nor have you ever been, nor will you ever be a brother to white folk…And if you do not realize that, you are in serious trouble.”

Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office.”

In 2012, Jeremiah Weight announced his support for the “March to Jerusalem,” which, according to Ben Shapiro of Breitbart is “a massive campaign designed to send anti-Israel partisans across Israel’s borders and into Jerusalem. The National Conference on Jewish Affairs reports Iran’s government is involved in the organization of the event and plans to send thousands of participants in caravans, whose schedules have been published by the Quds News agency.”

Additionally noted by Shapiro: “As the Anti-Defamation League has pointed out, the Facebook page for the group features ‘worldwide Jewish lobby news’; when you click for such nefarious news, you’re directed to a website pushing Holocaust denial. The Facebook page is also virulently anti-gay, condemning Tel Aviv for its gay-friendly policies and stating that such policies are part and parcel of ‘historical Jewish efforts to spread corruption and perversion among all human societies’…”

In a nutshell (emphasis on nut), Jeremiah Wright is a vile piece of human scum, whose racist beliefs have pervaded his speeches for decades. And our current President sat in the pews of Trinity church for twenty years, listening to this hateful man. Remember my opening paragraph? Having spent two decades sitting in the pews of Trinity church, only to distance himself from Wright in 2008, as he ran for President, is it reasonable to conclude that Obama likely shares the same beliefs as the Reverend? It most assuredly is. Yet has he been condemned? Has he been asked to resign? No. He merely distanced himself from his former mentor, and spiritual guide, and no one asked anymore questions–aside from Fox News, of course.

So, as we rightfully question Republican Steve Scalise, shouldn’t we then also question our President? As we demand that Scalise resign, should we not also demand resignation from our Commander in Chief? I guess not. Liberals are held to different standards, by which I mean no standards. They are able to do, and say whatever they want, and the media will cover for them. But the second a Republican does something wrong, they are castigated, and summarily destroyed. As Charles Krauthammer said, this is a terrible double standard.