Dem Senator: Parts of Alaska Will Fall Into The Ocean Because Of Global Warming

Have you ever talked to a global warming alarmist and tried bringing up all the cold weather we’re around around the country? What is it they say? Something like, “Oh, come on. You science-deniers are all the same. So it gets cold in your neighborhood once or twice in the winter. So what? Global warming, er, climate change is all about what’s happening around the globe as a whole, not what’s happening in isolated areas.”

But to bolster their own theories about global warming, what is it they do? Point to isolated occurrences.

Like what Senator Mark Begich did, basing his global warming hysteria on what’s happening in relatively few Alaska villages. The Blaze reported:

Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) said portions of his state could fall into the ocean because of global warming.

“I know when people talk about climate change they get nervous,” Begich said during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday. “They want to debate the science. I’m telling you, climate change is occurring. My state is the example of it, of what the impacts are, and it is extreme and we are seeing the impacts economically, and from all levels.”

Begich pointed to studies from both the Army Corps of Engineers and the Government Accountability Office that found threats facing Alaska villages due to extreme weather.

“Many of these villages have experienced incredible, extreme weather,” Begich said at the hearing, titled, “Extreme Weather Events: The Costs of Not Being Prepared.” “Thirty villages are at risk of literally falling into the ocean or disappearing totally.”

And all these horrible things are obviously the result of man-caused global warming. So, they get to point to isolated occurrences as “evidence” of global warming and reason to be hysterical, but when we offer counter-examples, those don’t count and only show our “science-denying” bias. Got it.