Dem Senator: Birth Control Is The Solution To A Faltering Economy

According to those who favor abortion, one of the reasons we have rising unemployment is that we have too many people. Too many people chasing too few jobs. And if that’s the problem, then the solution is birth control and abortion. That will make it so that there are more than enough jobs for people and will lead to full employment. Or that’s what they say anyway.

We’ve aborted 55 million unborn babies in this country since 1973, and we still have a rising unemployment problem, so it doesn’t seem to be working the way they wanted it. So, their solution is that we need more abortions, more sterilizations, and more birth control.

True to form, liberals are attacking the wrong thing. Like when they talk about “income inequality.” Their solution to “leveling the playing field” is to raise taxes on the rich, instead of lowering taxes on everybody.

Unemployment isn’t caused by having “too many people,” but by having too few jobs. You have too few jobs, because of government regulations and mandates, bureaucratic red tape and high taxes, all of which force small businesses to close down. If we got rid of those instances of government intervention, then a thriving population would contribute to a thriving economy, not hinder it.

Nevertheless, Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin claimed that birth control was “basic to our economic prosperity.” In an interview with MSNBC, host Andrea Mitchell asked Baldwin about what advice she’d give male Republicans about how they talk about women. Baldwin responded:

You know, I actually want to tie my answer to that question into growing the middle class because, if we look at the American dream in this country and a strong and healthy middle class, we saw in the post-World War II years that our middle class grew and grew and grew. And then it sort of stagnated.

And what really changed and added to growth again was women joining the workforce. And now in very, very significant numbers, women are in a part — are a part of the workforce and have contributed greatly to allowing families to get ahead in the economy.

What permits that is women being able to control when or whether they have children and how many. And it is so basic to our economic prosperity that women have that control.

I guess I’m OK with this as long as it’s the “liberal progressives” using birth control all the time, and the Christians are the ones having large families.