Dem Representative: If Planned Parenthood is Defunded, Then “Forget Your Health; You Can Just Die”

Democrat Representative Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut said that if Congress passes legislation that would remove public funding of Planned Parenthood, then Americans might as well forget their health, and they “can just die.”

DeLauro was speaking against a couple bills that would remove federal funding of Planned Parenthood, with a few exceptions. CNS reported:

The bill proposed by Rep. Diane Black (R.-Tenn.) puts a one year moratorium on federal funding for Planned Parenthood unless the group certifies its affiliates and clinics will not perform or provide any money for abortions, except in the case of rape, incest or danger to the mother’s health.

Another pro-life House measure debated on Thursday is sponsored by Trent Franks (R-Ariz.). The bill would add criminal penalties of fines or imprisonment for a health care practitioner violating the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002.

DeLauro stated on the House floor, “This bill creates chaos and in that chaos peoples lives will be put at risk. This bill is spiteful, it’s mean-spirited and it is cruel. It tells millions of low income Americans ‘forget your health, you can just die.’ Enough is enough. I urge my colleagues to vote against this bill.”

Neither of the bills outlaws abortion. They just remove $500 million of federal funding that had previously been directed to Planned Parenthood.

The irony seems to be lost on Representative DeLauro that the abortion industry has for decades told the unborn, “Forget your health, you can just die.” Somehow removing federal funding of abortion will kill people. As if abortion hasn’t killed over 57 million people already.