Dem Rep Wins Shooting Competition, Calls for More Gun Control

Some of the most ardent advocates for gun control often turn out to be colossal hypocrites. They either own guns for their own protection, or they hire a bunch of armed bodyguards, or some combination of both. No one on the left really cares about these seemingly glaring contradictions. They justify it in their minds by saying that these are high-profile public officials who are often subjected to death threats. They should be afforded the protection that a firearm provides. I agree. But it seems the left only care about allowing that kind of protection for fellow liberals and for no one else. So much for “equal rights.” I guess some people are “more equal” than others.

Recently, a Democrat representative from California won a congressional shooting competition and then vowed to continue his gun control efforts. Breitbart reported:

Representative Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5th District) won “Top Gun” at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation annual shooting competition this past week then commented on his hopes for the passage of more gun control.

Thompson stood with Gabby Giffords on March 4 and reintroduced Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) failed expanded background check legislation. It has gone nowhere fast since that time.

The Congressional Sportmen’s Foundation annual shooting competition lets members of Congress “shoot rounds of trap, skeet and sporting clays.” It was held May 12 at Glenn Dale, Maryland’s Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center.

Thompson “out shot 35 other members of Congress” who took part in the event.

After winning the “Top Gun” award, Thompson said: “It was an honor to win the ‘Top Gun’ award, and I look forward to working with my fellow members of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus to advance conservation, recreation and safety issues that are important to us all.”

Now, liberals will claim that this isn’t hypocritical at all. They’d say that gun control has nothing to do with “taking everyone’s guns away.” It has everything to do with combating gun violence by trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands. They’d say that they’re only trying to make it difficult for criminals to get guns.

They may actually believe that that’s what they’re trying to do. Maybe even the politicians themselves believe that’s what they’re trying to do. But the truth of the matter is that every government-imposed restriction or regulation on gun ownership makes it more and more cumbersome for law-abiding citizens to purchase and keep firearms. The net effect will be that fewer and fewer good people will be able to afford firearms, while bad people will continue to obtain them however they can.

It’s a fairly gradual process, but their goal is for no one to be able to own guns, except criminals and government agents.