Dem: GOP Wants to Impeach Obama Because He’s a Black Man in the White House

They never quit, do they? They never grow tired of using the race card. Yeah, the GOP want to impeach Obama simply because he’s half white, half black. Just like the reason the GOP wanted to impeach Clinton, right? After all, he was America’s first true black president.

But contrary to popular opinion, Clinton was not born a poor, black slave. He was and is as white as the Southern snow falling right now and as rich as Godiva chocolate.

If you look at the impeachment charges against Clinton, they’re pretty much identical to the ones being pressed against Obama. Clinton was accused of trying to “obstruct, undermine and compromise the legitimate and proper functions and processes of the executive branch.” Likewise, the GOP are trying to impeach President Obama for “frequently overstepping the limits placed on executive branch power by the Constitution.”

But we all know that the real reason is that Obama’s black. That’s what one Dem strategist Angela Rye said on MSNBC:

“You don’t just fight to get the person out of office because you don’t like how they comb their hair, the color of their skin or the fact that they’re black in the White House. That’s not what you do…

That’s exactly right, Rev. [Al Sharpton]. You also have to look at our recent history with what they did with Attorney General Eric Holder. They tried to hold him in contempt of Congress based on a ‘scandal’ that really began happening under the George W. Bush years…

So again, to your point, they love for presidents to go rogue and to be maverick candidates like John McCain, but the minute they are Democrats, the minute they take a stand, the minute they try to use an executive order – because we also they’ve been telling that lie about the number of executive orders issued by this president – they go berserk.

And part of it is somebody needs to tell them impeachment is not a word that you can just throw around when you don’t like the policies. That’s not what you do. You actually engage. You lean into making policies that fit your constituency, so if you don’t like something, you work to compromise on it.”

It’s also important to note that impeachment isn’t necessarily all we want. Impeachment is just the formal pressing of charges against a public official. Remember, Clinton was impeached, but he was acquitted by the Senate. What we’d want is conviction in order for Obama to be booted out of office, and we know that the current Senate is not going to allow that. Besides, do we really want a President Joe Biden?