Dem Congresswoman Calls for Educating Kindergarteners about Global Warming

Liberals are always trying to get prayer and Bibles banned from government schools, because of that sacred wall of separation between Church and State that they believe is currently under attack. But really, it’s not that they believe that religion shouldn’t be tolerated or taught in government schools. It’s that they want their religion to be taught, and only their religion. They just don’t call it religion. They actually believe it’s science.

There’s only one thing worse than purposely deceiving someone else to believe a lie, and that’s deceiving yourself. The people who came up with global warming know for a fact that global warming is purely political, and that it has nothing to do with science. It’s just another way to control people, to enslave them with fear. But all the naïve liberals at the bottom have deceived themselves into believing that global warming is this real, grave threat to the survival of the human race. And not only that, but that it’s stoppable only by more government regulations on the energy industry and mandates and laws on the American people.

Rationing people’s energy usage, heavily regulating appliances, forcing people to use public transportation, taxes, regulations, and a whole slew of other things, all supposedly will convince the Earth’s climate to stop behaving so unpredictably. And how do we know that Earth’s climate is so unpredictable? Well, my first clue is that none of the predictions of the self-proclaimed and government-appointed “experts” have come true. They’ve all been totally wrong. Therefore, it’s unpredictable, and therefore, the global warming people must be right.

One thing global warming fanatics hate to hear is that what they’re peddling is religion. I wouldn’t dignify it by calling it a religion, unless you attach a qualifier to it and call it bad religion. It’s more a cult or just pure scam. Its devout followers believe in it, no matter what the evidence says. You’ve got to have quite a bit of blind faith to believe in something like manmade global warming.

Despite its cult-like attributes, some people think it should be taught to 5-year-olds in government schools. Thomas Mitchell with EAG News reported:

On stage at Harry Reid’s National Clean Energy Summit at the Mandalay Bay Thursday was a parade of Democratic politicians touting planet-saving platitudes and assorted palliatives.

Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus pulled out and dusted off one of Obama’s favorite putdowns for those global warming skeptics, calling them members of the Flat Earth Society.

“Ignoring these kinds of issues of climate change while also disregarding the economic benefits that individuals and companies can have by reducing their energy use and conserve resources is just an irresponsible response to a serious problem,” she declared in her thick Georgia drawl, though she has lived in Nevada most of her life.

“Instead, I believe Congress should be going in the opposite direction. We should be moving aggressively to provide loan guarantees for clean energy development, to extend those tax credits …”

At this point she was interrupted by applause.

She also was greeted with applause when she mentioned her support for proposed EPA regulations to cut power plant carbon output by 30 percent, though she did not deign to mention it will cost the economy $270 billion a year, eliminate the equivalent of 2.9 million jobs a year through 2040 and increase the price of residential electricity by 15 percent.

Titus went on to call for educating people about the threat of climate change. “Educating people is very important. We should educate them beginning at a very early age in kindergarten,” said the former UNLV professor.

Education or indoctrination?

That’s easy. Indoctrination.

What she won’t tell us is that in forcing all of us commoners to submit to energy rationing, energy will be saved for the elite to use or waste as they see fit. Think Al Gore flying around the world in his own private jet. He must have a carbon footprint the size of China. All while he jets around, preaching his environmental eschatology.