Dem Congressman Cracks Down on Civilian Body Armor

They want to take away our guns and now body armor. For now, this California Congressman wants to focus on Type III body armor, which is at a level higher than your typical bulletproof vest. This is like the liberals only wanting to focus on semi-automatic rifles and “high-capacity” magazines before going after the handguns and 10-round capacity magazines. They start with the higher end stuff and work their way down.

The local NBC affiliate reported:

Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, has announced legislation that would block civilians from accessing military-grade body armor to prevent criminals from using them in gun battles with law enforcement.

Honda, speaking at a news conference in San Jose Wednesday morning with police chiefs and the district attorneys and sheriffs from Santa Clara and Alameda counties, said his proposal would discourage criminals from wearing enhanced body armor to commit mass shootings.

“This bill will keep military body armor out of the wrong hands,” Honda said. “It would ensure that only law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders would be able to access enhanced body armor.”

“We’re not talking about just a standard bullet-proof vest,” he said. “We’re talking about body armor that is designed for warfare, designed to protect against law enforcement ammunitions.”

This is solely aimed at civilians. Police and other government agents will still have access to this higher end body armor when they need to protect themselves from unarmed civilians. How many stories are there these days of police shooting and killing unarmed people, claiming that they felt their safety was “threatened?” When police shoot to kill, they want to make sure you’re dead. Which is why these liberals are trying to crack down on body armor.

There are of course going to be cases where a violent criminal is on the loose, and police are trying to subdue him. If the criminal has this type of body armor, it’ll make it difficult for police to bring him down. Just like if he had an “illegal” automatic weapon.

Making laws outlawing certain types of body armor will have the same effect as outlawing certain types of guns. When you’re dealing with criminals, they’ll do anything to get whatever type of gun or body armor they want, disregarding any laws that attempt to prohibit them.

This body armor law hasn’t made it out of committee yet, but if it passes, it will do absolutely nothing, except prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining a self-defensive shield.