Dem Congressman Admits Obamacare Doubled Costs

When even the Democrats admit their team leader’s crowning achievement is a failure, you know it’s got to be pretty bad.

I know Obamacare was supposed to be this liberal utopia where everyone had free healthcare. But sort of like with global warming predictions, reality has taken us in the opposite direction.

There are countless examples of people either having their coverage dropped altogether or having to deal with higher insurance costs due to insurers not complying with new federal mandates. Some 250,000 Virginians just had their plans cancelled. That’s liberal “compassion” for you, right there.

Even a Democrat Congressman admitted he had a similar scenario play out with his own family’s insurance costs. From the Daily Caller:

Texas Democrat and Obamacare supporter Rep. Gene Green is openly admitting that Obamacare has doubled his family’s health insurance cost.

During a House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Green revealed in an exchange with House Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions that purchasing health coverage on an Obamacare exchange has doubled both his health insurance premiums and his deductible. 

“I’m not going to ask you about your coverage, but I’m on Obamacare,” Rep. Sessions began.

“I am too,” Rep. Green interjected. “I have an exchange company here in the D.C. that we had to make sure they could cover our doctors in Houston and our hospitals in Houston.”

Rep. Sessions went on to note that when he moved to Obamacare exchange coverage, his health insurance plan became twice as expensive and his deductible doubled as well.

“That’s my experience also,” Rep. Green agreed.

“So your insurance doubled under Obamacare and your deductible doubled?”

“That’s true,” Rep. Green confirmed.

Green supports Obamacare and strongly opposed a GOP bill that would issue several fixes to Obamacare, which the Rules Committee considered Tuesday, saying it would “put insurance companies back in the driver’s seat.”

Costs will continue to go up, and the quality of care will continue to go down. That’s always what happens when the government thinks it can do a better job of taking care of people than the private sector.

But all the government sees in people are numbers. All they can do is tax and regulate. They don’t produce anything, and they don’t care about people. The more they tax and regulate, the higher the costs are for consumers. And the more they get involved in healthcare, the less government-controlled doctors will care for their patients. At some point, they’ll have to assess each patient’s cost-benefit to see if we’re even worth keeping. That’s more liberal “compassion.”