Defenseless Man Complies With Armed Robbers’ Demands; Gets Shot And Killed Anyway

Gun control advocates are always very critical of gun carriers who use their firearm to defend themselves or their families. Especially in cases where they’re confronted not necessarily by a murderer, but by a robber. The gun controllers argue that a robber wouldn’t have hurt them, that all they had to do was give the robber what he wanted, and then call 911. And then everyone would be safe, and the police would eventually nab the criminal, and maybe you’d get your stuff back.

The gun-grabbers get onto store clerks who are confronted with armed criminals whose true intents are unknown, because we mere humans cannot read others’ hearts and minds. What is a store clerk to do when an armed man comes in the store, wielding a gun and making threats? Should the clerk just give in and do whatever the criminal wants in hopes that he’ll go away? Well, if the clerk isn’t armed, he has no choice but to comply with the robber’s demands. But that’s very risky business. This is why so many store clerks carry concealed guns, in spite of their own store’s rules prohibiting the exercise of the 2nd Amendment. And many of those who have carried against their store’s rules have been able to defend themselves from those who sought to do them harm.

Saying that all a victim needs to do is comply with an armed criminal’s demands may work sometimes, but it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Here’s a sad story about a young college student in the South side of Chicago who complied with a couple robbers’ demands, but was shot and killed anyway. The Chicago Sun Times reported:

A South Side college student who was shot despite handing his cellphone over to two robbers died Saturday.

Kevin Baker, 19, was pronounced dead at 5:45 a.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Baker, a student at Harold Washington College, was on his way back from class Thursday when the robbery and shooting happened, said neighbor and family friend Earnestine Barnette.

Baker was walking with his cousin in the 6200 block of South Campbell, a block from his home, around 4:15 p.m. when two people ­— one armed with a handgun — got out of a dark-colored van and demanded their cellphones, the police said. They handed over their phones, but the armed man opened fire anyway, shooting Baker in the head.

“Whatever they asked for, he gave it to them, and they still shot him,” said Barnette, 51. “It’s terrible.”

“That was an innocent kid,” she said. “He didn’t have anything to do with nothing out there.”

Baker, an only child, was studying to be a veterinarian.

“He had a plan for his life,” Barnette said.

He was known in the neighborhood as “the college kid that don’t hang out,” she said.

“He was real nice. He didn’t hang out in the area. He went to school and then back home,” Barnette said.

Breitbart quoted Baker’s mom Nina who said:  “He had fights. Eighteen people jumped him. He had fights on the bus to try to make him a gangbanger, and he never ever let them change who he was.”

But remember, this is Chicago. Guns aren’t allowed. From all accounts we have available, Baker was a law-abiding citizen who was a rebel in his own culture. He refused to be a part of a gang to live a life of violence, and he insisted on going to college to make something of his life. Since he was a law-abiding citizen, he wouldn’t have been allowed to carry a gun if he wanted to. But the criminals, by their nature, can carry as many guns as they want. If Baker had been allowed to carry, he could’ve used it in defense of his life, and he’d perhaps be alive today.