Defenseless Domino’s Delivery Driver Shot to Death

Can you imagine a police department enforcing a policy that prohibited their officers from carrying a firearm? I think most people would find that idea preposterous. A police officer’s job can be very dangerous. They should be able to carry a weapon to protect themselves.

Would you believe that a pizza delivery driver actually has a more dangerous job than a cop? And yet, despite the danger of their job, many pizza chains have strict no-gun policies. If disarming cops as a matter of policy is ridiculous, how much more ridiculous is the idea of disarming pizza delivery drivers?

As a consequence of disarming drivers, many of them have been victims of violent crime, and some of them have been killed. When a cop dies in the line of duty, they shut down the whole city for his memorial service. When a pizza delivery driver dies, the victim’s family might get a letter of condolences from the company. The Daily Caller reported:

For the second time in six months, a Domino’s pizza delivery driver in New Orleans has been fatally shot while on duty.

Though food delivery is one of the most dangerous occupations in the U.S., Domino’s is one of several national pizza delivery chains that has a corporate policy against employees — including delivery drivers — carrying guns while on duty, even for self-defense.

New Orleans police found the driver, 36-year-old Michael Price, dead in his car from multiple gun shots in the city’s high-crime Lower 9th Ward shortly after midnight Tuesday, The Times-Picayune reported.

Price, a married father of three, had warm pizzas in his car and less than $20 on him when he was shot, WVUE reported.

A spokesman for New Orleans police could not tell TheDC whether Price was carrying a gun with him. But it is likely he would not have been if he was following Domino’s company policy and that of franchise owner RPM Pizza.

“The franchise does have a no weapons policy, as does virtually every delivery and restaurant company,” Domino’s corporate spokesman Timothy McIntyre told TheDC.

We’ve reported on numerous occasions where delivery drivers were armed and used the weapon to protect themselves from a violent criminal. In one recent case:

A Papa John’s pizza delivery driver in Georgia is worried she will lose her job after she shot an armed robber in self-defense Sunday night.

The employee was making a delivery in Decatur when she says she was ambushed by a man wielding a gun.

 “She arrived at the location and a male began approaching the vehicle she thought was there to pick up the pizza,” DeKalb County Police Department Capt. Stephen Fore said, according to WSBTV. “When he got to her he produced a handgun and forced her out of the vehicle and on to the ground.”

But the woman, who has not been identified, had a gun in her pocket and was able to reach it while on the ground. From there, she was able to shoot her assailant, hitting him in the face.

The man, identified as 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson, was arrested after being found in a nearby yard.

“She had no other choice,” Fore told WSBTV of the delivery driver. “She must have been in fear for her life and she reacted.”

I think if cops are armed because of their dangerous job, delivery drivers should also be afforded the same right. We’d have more living delivery drivers and fewer thugs.