Defense Spending and the Deluge of Rockets Over Israel: What It All Means

A fact that would surely send every liberal into a conniption fit had liberals any standards is that President Obama has increased Defense Department spending by more than ten percent, or $55.6 billion. This comes as a surprise even to me, and I’d bet to many other conservatives as well. But the numbers are there and numbers don’t lie. I’ll come back to this in a bit.

Now what we have going on over in the Middle East, as you read this, is possibly what history books in thirty years will mark as the beginning of World War III. In short, Hamas attacked Israel, Israel struck back, and both parties continue to shoot missiles back and forth at each other (though much of Israel’s missiles are targeting missile launch pads in Gaza). Israel’s enemies (the entirety of the Middle East) are siding, of course, with Hamas and lending aid. This includes Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led government, which Obama helped put into power, and even Russia.

The timing of this war, if it can yet be called that, cannot be overlooked. It is no coincidence–and do not let anybody get away with arguing otherwise–that Israel’s enemies decided to attack her not even two weeks after Obama was re-elected.

It is not a matter of Hamas only just now acquiring the weaponry to attack Israel; they’ve had the capability all this time, and they’ve done it before, but not to the extent that they are now and not having their missiles hit so far into Israel as they currently are.

What it is is that they have been paying attention to U.S. politics, as all of America’s enemies do, and they have seen that Obama is, if not an enemy of Israel, certainly no true advocate. They saw that his support of Israel was only as deep as his words–and even these sometimes displayed ambiguity.

They saw that Obama, when meeting with Communist leaders who hate America, develops a sudden weakness in the spine, sending his torso dropping forward to stare at the shoes of these despots as he shakes their hands.

They saw that the toughest Obama was willing to be with Iran was to mildly chastise them in their pursuit of nuclear weapons and ultimately of Israel’s annihilation. With nuclear war on the table and such a gutless response from Obama, how much weaker they must have thought he’d be with only a few non-nuclear missiles lobbed at Israel!

No, it is no coincidence that Israel’s enemies are suddenly attacking her so soon after Obama’s re-election. They were waiting to see who our next leader would be, and liberal voters gave Israel’s (and America’s) enemies the gift at the top of their wish list.

Something both conservatives and liberals can learn from all of this: throwing money at programs, whether education or defense, does not make these programs stronger; a ten-percent increase of defense spending is worthless without a strong Commander-in-Chief.