Defense Secretary Hagel More Concerned About Gay Rights Than National Security

If you really want to know what a person’s priorities are, just look at what they are spending most of their time doing.  For instance, Barack Obama has been telling Americans that he is all for the middle and lower class people, but all of his efforts have shown the opposite.  He has systematically made life more and more difficult for middle and lower class Americans.  Obama claims to be a Christian, but all of his actions say that he is against anything Christian and for anything Muslim.

The same thing applies to the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.  To begin with, I have always questioned his qualifications to hold this position.  His military career spanned a whole two years, from 1967-68 in Vietnam.  Most of Hagel’s life has been spent as a businessman, lobbyist and US Senator from Nebraska.  There are a plethora of men and women who have a greater understanding of the military, how it runs and what its priorities are than a 2 year veteran from 46 years ago.  Perhaps that’s why Obama appointed him to the position because he knew so little and would act as Obama’s puppet, much like Eric Holder does in the Justice Department.

Since assuming the role of Secretary of Defense, much of Hagel’s time has been spent on gay rights in the military.  He immediately jumped on the bandwagon of his predecessor Leon Panetta who announced the military would extend benefits to unmarried same-sex partners just prior to his stepping down from the post.

Hagel has spent much of this year pushing gay rights in the military and taking action against any military personnel who believe that homosexuality is a sin.  Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk is a prime example of the Hagel pro-gay policies. Sgt. Monk is stationed at Lackland Air Force and has a spotless record for his 19 years of service to his country, that is until his commander asked him a personal question.  The commander was talking with Monk about her upcoming promotion ceremony and mentioned that she thought the chaplain who was scheduled to deliver the benediction was a bigot.  She told Monk that it was because the chaplain preached that homosexuality was a sin.

According to Monk, he objected to the commander’s statement about the chaplain.  She then asked him for his personal views on homosexuality and commanded him to answer honestly.  When he stated that in accordance with his Christian belief that homosexuality was a sin, his commander immediately relieved him of his position.  Monk’s case is not the only one of this type and under Hagel, the number of similar cases is growing.

Last week, Hagel spoke at an Anti-Defamation League centennial dinner in New York.  In his speech, he attacked a number of states that have refused to allow same-sex couples to apply for their benefits at National Guard facilities.  If Hagel had more military experience he may have known that National Guard units are run and operated by the governor of each state.  The only time the federal government can override a governor and federalize the National Guard is in times of emergency or war.  In times of war, the Pentagon can call up National Guard units to deploy into action, but the rest of the Guard units and facilities remain under the control of the governor.

Instead of worrying about state run National Guard facilities not being allowed to sign up unmarried same-sex partners for military benefits, Hagel should have been talking about the lack of military combat ground forces.  Under Obama’s military cutbacks, the Army only has two combat Brigades that are trained and ready for action.  This is why so many National Guard units have been called into action in Afghanistan.

Hagel also has his underlings focused on gay rights in the military rather than actual national defense.  Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Major General Jessica L. Wright (Ret.) recently spoke at an event hosted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States.  Retired Lt. Col. Allan West points out that the website for this event was titled ‘Mission Critical: Transatlantic Security and Diversity.’  The website explained:

“It is a security imperative for military leaders to proactively advance diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices, [because of the] rapid demographic change [and] advances in gender and LGBT equity and a new generation of veterans in NATO countries.”

West commented about the event’s emphasis, saying:

“Silly me, I thought a trained and ready force needed to be proficient in its war fighting tasks in order to fight and win our nation’s wars – that was what mattered for mission success. It seems this new perspective on our military is based upon the misguided progressive socialist vision of social egalitarianism.”

Starting under Panetta and now under Hagel, the Department of Defense is spending more time and effort cultivating their acceptance of gay rights and diversity than they are building up our military combat forces.  It’s more important to Hagel and company to extend special privileges to LGBT military personnel than our national security is.  Hagel was not appointed for his military leadership, but for his willingness to advance Obama’s gay agenda in the military and the country’s military defense be damned.