Debunking the Gay Marriage Argument

It’s 2012 and no male or female United States citizen at or above the age of consent is prohibited from marrying if they so desire. There is no federal law on the books that denies this civil right to any male or female wishing to enter into the institution of matrimony. Every American has the same marital rights as the next and must abide by the laws of the state in which they reside before exercising their right to marry.

An individual’s sexual behavior, although sheltered by constitutional privacy protections (Lawrence vs. Texas, 2003), does not qualify for legal protections against discrimination that doesn’t exist. Although we have hate crime statutes on the books, sexuality is not protected by the constitution and as such cannot endure discrimination or constitutional infringement. Nowhere in our laws are homosexuals prohibited from marrying. Like all Americans of all races and religions they just can’t marry the same sex.

The LGBT community and its liberal advocates are busy undermining a long standing American tradition using a disingenuous and dishonest claim that homosexuals are being discriminated against because the federal government doesn’t recognize same sex marriage. The following is a list of debunked claims of discriminatory practices and policies related to the same sex marriage debate:

1) Gays cannot inherit a deceased spouse’s pension or retirement savings.

Inheritances have nothing to do with marriage. You can will your life’s savings and property to any individual, corporation or trust you choose. Designation of a beneficiary is no harder than filling out the correct form in accordance with existing rules and laws. Some pension plans carry restrictions on timing and number of designated beneficiaries, but none that I have investigated (public or private) required marriage as a pre-requisite for obtaining designated beneficiary status.

2) Gays do not qualify for Social Security death benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not pay out survivor death benefits to non-married individuals or minor children (not related by blood) of the deceased. This has been a long standing policy of the SSA. It does not discriminate against race, sex or religion. Perhaps the U.S. Congress would like to consider legislation changing SSA guidelines for survivor benefits before we move to re-invent the equal protections clause of our governing document to cover sexual behavior. Then again Social Security is in enough financial trouble.

3) Gay couples cannot file joint income tax returns.

Federal tax law or policies do not discriminate based upon race, sex, or religion. Married couples filing a joint tax return enjoy limited, if any benefit, from their filing status. Married couples filing separate tax returns enjoy no exclusive benefits as a result of their filing status. Filing status (as it is with any individual or couple) can affect your eligibility for targeted tax credits and the amount of your tax liability; just as it is with your gross adjusted income. Most tax credits offered to married couples exclusively, apply to the care of dependent children under the age of 18. Surprisingly, these very same tax credits also apply to single filers who have dependent children. Two such tax credits are the “Hope and Lifetime Learning Credit” and the “Earned Income Credit”. Both tax credits can be claimed regardless of sex, race or religion if the filer has dependent children or is between age 25 and 65 at the end of the filing year. Actually the only tax status prohibited from claiming the “Lifetime Learning Credit” is married filing separately.

4) Gay couples can’t obtain Dependent Health Insurance coverage.

Since the start of the same sex marriage debate, health insurance providers have stepped up their efforts to accommodate the new emerging market for non-traditional family healthcare coverage. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest names in the Health Insurance game are now offering coverage to homosexual couples and their dependents regardless of marital status. Many fortune 500 companies are now offering these types of health insurance policies. Once again private sector business has stepped in to provide a service that has been needed in the homosexual market place. Regarding the public sector (government employees) the “Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act” should take care of any LGBT concerns regarding Healthcare coverage discrimination.

As you can see the legal argument in support of same sex marriage is seriously flawed. None of the claims of alleged discrimination actually exist. No man or woman in the United States of America is given equal treatment under federal tax or entitlement policy. Businesses have and will continue to respond to the growing needs of the minority LGBT community in America and all men and women have the right to marry in our great land. They just can’t marry the same sex. Hopefully another American Judeo-Christian tradition won’t be scattered to the political wind to service fictitious claims of abuse and discrimination by one more group of morally bankrupt liberals.