Debate Between Political Classes Shows Stunning Idiocy of the Left

I was recently on a political forum online, hoping to enjoy a fun debate with some unlucky liberal. While there, I was witness to another debate being had between a conservative and a liberal, though it cannot exactly be called a debate; is it fair to characterize a conversation as a debate when one of the participants is so ignorant, she probably is not even aware of her surroundings? So while it never quite crossed over into debate territory, the fun I sought was certainly had.

It all started with a liberal saying that free birth control is a constitutional right, followed by the conservative asking, “What part of the Constitution are you referring to?”

The liberal, who went by the username Black_Manta, replied, “The part where it talks about liberty.”

Ah, yes, that part. I believe it was Chapter 2 she was referring to.

Conservative: Are you trying to be dumb on purpose?

Liberal: You have rights, yes?

Conservative: Free birth control is not a constitutional right.

Liberal: It’s about health and happiness, i.e., constitutional rights.

Conservative: Health isn’t in the Constitution. The Constitution specifically protects my right to keep and bear arms. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy my bullets.

Liberal: Yes, health is in the Constitution.

Conservative: Copy and paste the paragraph.

Liberal: Google it, lazy.

The conservative, no doubt experiencing the frustration one would feel when debating a tree stump, tries again.

Conservative: Receiving free birth control isn’t a constitutional right.

Liberal: Sure it is.

Conservative: Link it and copy and paste the specific paragraph.

Liberal: You don’t know we have a Constitution? Are you a Communist?

At this point a second conservative enters the scene and inquires, “Birth control is a constitutional right?”

To which the liberal quite simply and astutely responds, “Liberty.” She belongs in MENSA, this lady.

That’s when I left the forum. I had had enough laughter for one evening; my sides were hurting.

This is the idiocy we conservatives have to deal with; this is the danger we must deal with: people who are not simply lying, but who genuinely believe in things that are obvious fictions.

The good news is that all it should take to remedy the situation is to educate the masses. The bad news is that for all of public schooling’s efforts, liberals seem truly uneducable.

Parents, avoid public education at all costs. Leave state-sponsored education to the government-loving liberals.