The Death of Western Christianity

Schoolchildren are being left ignorant of Christianity and the history of Christmas.

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” – Jacques Barzun

Modern western society has developed a certain disdain of faith. Over time, we have segregated it, pushing it further, and further away from the mainstream, all the way to the outer fringes of our culture. Freedom of religion has been warped into freedom from religion. Although this in itself would be dangerous enough, it is not the singular effect of this religious erosion. What has occurred is a selective process through which some religions are tolerated more than others, leading to tiered religious discrimination.

According to Nick Hallett of Breitbart:

British children are not being taught the true meaning of Christmas because teachers of too scared of ‘offending’ other faiths, a BBC presenter has claimed.”

Hallett quotes Roger Bolton of BBC’s radio show Feedback:

In some schools in this country, little is taught about the true meaning of Christmas, possibly because secular staff are unsympathetic to religious education or because of the fear of offending those of other faiths.

Finally, according to a Bible Society survey referenced by Bolton, an astounding 43% of English children have never even heard of the crucifixion of Christ. Hallett’s article goes on to discuss the tremendous effect that this lack of education will have on future generations. If one is not taught about the original meaning behind the Christmas holiday, and thus not educated in Christian theology, and history, there is a deeply felt ripple effect. Art, history, and sociology are all irrevocably tied to Christianity, and the Christian faith must be understood in order to accurately grasp these subjects.

Bolton seems to believe that the lack of Christian education in England is a consequence of fear, that teachers are afraid to offend those of other faiths. While Bolton’s assertion is certainly true to a point, there is a much more insidious story lurking just behind this fear: a deep antipathy toward Christianity in particular.

Western society has presided over the rapid, and systematic annihilation of Christianity. With the advancement of secularism, Christianity has been shoved, and squeezed out of the way of modern society. Up until relatively recently, Christianity was held in high esteem, and as such, it influenced all facets of our society, to varying degrees. As secularism has taken hold, Christianity’s share of the pie has shrunk dramatically. But why the antipathy? Why not just live in peaceful coexistence? The answer is as simple as they come: people don’t like being told that they are wrong. Christianity is still an integral part of our culture. No matter how hard some may try, they cannot erase its influence entirely, and that angers them.

To many secular humanists—for lack of a better term—Christianity isn’t benign, but a threat. They see it as an encroaching patriarchal force, threatening to control society, and thus control them. They have witnessed its decline, and believe that decline to be a good thing. So when they see any resurgence of it, they do everything they can to smother it. The rapidly growing general consensus among non-Christians in western society is that Christians are backward, mean, bigoted people, who are out to get non-believers. They see Christianity as a dangerous and conniving creature that must be stopped at all costs. Given that, secular humanists in positions of power want to strip society of any, and all Christian influences.

That is why our kids aren’t being taught about Christmas. Fear of offense is an incredibly minute percentage of the reasoning behind the lack of Christian education in modern western society. The lead reason is a deep hostility toward a faith that threatens humanity’s desire to live in whatever way it wants. They have beaten back the “beast,” and they’ll be damned if it makes a comeback.

We cannot make the mistake of attributing to other causes the decline of Christianity in modern western culture. There’s a bloody war going on, and the other side is winning because we don’t seem to realize there’s a war at all.