The Death of Free Speech?

Over at Eagle Rising they’ve covered many of the attacks on free speech that have taken place in Great Britain over the last year, but one wonders if we really understand the depth of the danger we face. The war on free speech didn’t happen overnight, and Britain didn’t slide into speech fascism suddenly. The problem has been steadily growing and eroding freedom as it moved. It’s as much a cultural issue as it is a political one, too.

Sure, the liberals in England (as in the USA) have played a huge part in the destruction of freedom that is currently plaguing our nations, but our culture has allowed it as well.

The West has become complacent about freedom, while also becoming overly sensitive about the sensitivities of special interests. We’ve forgotten that it is vital to protect offensive speech because offensive speech is the edge of allowable speech. If we ban words that offend us, then we lose the “canary in the mine” on free speech.

Once offensive speech is banned, the government (or special interests controlling the government) can move to silence any speech they deem “unfit” or “unseemly” even when the speech is simply unpopular.

Learn the lesson that Britain is teaching us…

“We’re ultimately moving toward a situation where, necessarily, the state will have to tell us what kinds of opinions are acceptable and what opinions are not.” – George Igler

“You are not going to shut me up. I am going to say it. If you put me in prison, fine. That’s how bad it is now.” – Paul Weston

Will we allow the situation in the USA to grow this dire?