DEA Agents Frequented Colombian “Sex Parties” Funded by Drug Cartels

You can’t get much more corrupt than this. You’ve got an agency that’s tasked with enforcing drug laws in America, cracking down on drug traffickers trying to cross the border, bringing down drug cartels, etc. And here they are going to orgies in Colombia with prostitutes paid for by none other than the drug cartels themselves, the same people the DEA claim they’re trying to topple.

Apparently, there were agents involved who had high security clearances. What do you think’s going to happen with the intel, the laptops, the blackberries and whatever else these agents have with them once they decide to fall for all these prostitutes? I’m sure the prostitutes won’t divulge any of the information they’ve gleaned from these DEA agents to the drug cartel members who hired them.

Or, it could be that the DEA isn’t really doing anything other than enjoying a nonstop, taxpayer-funded orgy and are totally unnecessary. Politico reported:

Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by drug cartels in Colombia, according to a new inspector general report released by the Justice Department on Thursday.

In addition, Colombian police officers allegedly provided “protection for the DEA agents’ weapons and property during the parties,” the report states. Ten DEA agents later admitted attending the parties, and some of the agents received suspensions of two to 10 days.


The report covers the period from 2009 to 2012, although some of the incidents occurred long before that.

The DEA “sex parties” in Colombia, though, are by far the most damaging allegations.

“The foreign officer allegedly arranged ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes funded by the local drug cartels for these DEA agents at their government-leased quarters, over a period of several years,” the IG report says.

The parties reportedly took place from 2005 to 2008, but the DEA’s Office of Professional Responsibility became aware of them only in 2010, after it received an anonymous complaint. DEA supervisors, however, had been aware of the allegations for several years because of complaints from management of the building in which the DEA office in Bogotá was located.

“Although some of the DEA agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds. A foreign officer also alleged providing protection for the DEA agents’ weapons and property during the parties,” the report said. “The foreign officers further alleged that in addition to soliciting prostitutes, three DEA SSAs [special agents] in particular were provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members.”

Wow. Some of them received suspensions of two to ten days. Pretty harsh, huh?

In other words, this is behavior that’s to be expected from these government agents, so all they need is a slap on the wrist so that the public can see that officials are “doing something” about it. They can’t just fire those involved, because if they fired agents for this kind of behavior, there’d be no more DEA left.