DC Mayor To Harry Reid: Stop Shutting Down Government

Is the government shutdown the fault of Republicans?

Even if we side with the Democrats that the Republicans “ought to offer a ‘clean’ bill” (a preposterous notion) the Democrats are still to blame. As you may have noticed, this is an incredibly incomplete shutdown. Many things are still being magically funded, and half the things being shut down are only touched because Obama is intentionally trying to cause pain.

But, while the Republicans have passed bills that fund parts of that small part of the government that is shut down. And they have done so with no strings attached. These are “clean” bills—there are no conditions attached to them.

Consider the city of Washington DC.

“The District can only spend money that has been approved by Congress — even if the money was raised from local taxes and fees. The District has money in a reserve fund that had previously been appropriated — but now, the District is starting to delay payments as it tries to stretch those reserves. Tax refunds have been delayed, and now some city payees are suffering as well.”

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke of the Latin American Youth Center:

 “‘The city’s previously appropriated contingency reserve fund, envisioned for unforeseen events like natural disasters, dwindles as it copes with a crisis that is as unnatural as it is artificial and unnecessary,’ Norton added. One of the groups severely impacted by the shutdown is the Latin American Youth Center in Columbia Heights, which is owed more than $600,000 in federal and district funds. That money is locked away because of the government shutdown. ‘It’s the worst it’s ever been,’ said Lori Kaplan, the president of the Latin American Youth Center. ‘…Probably 500 kids and families affected every day.’ The Latin American Youth Center has 10 locations across the area, serving more than 5,000 needy families by offering job training, medical assistance, counseling, and education programs. More than half of the center’s 150 employees are furloughed. And as the center is forced to cut back, essential employees are left working only part-time.”

So the city has already collected this money and, whatever you think about how they spend this money, promised funds are being withheld.

But the Republicans passed bill to make sure DC got all its funds.

It isn’t the GOP or the Tea Party that are keeping the money unavailable. Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate are doing so. They refused to consider the bill.

This is so obvious to all and so damaging to DC that the mayor, Vincent Gray, walked into Harry Reid’s press conference and asked him to give DC access to their own money.

From what I can tell in the video footage, Reid refused to even look at the mayor:

“‘I’m on your side,’ snapped Reid (D-Nev.), to the D.C. mayor. ‘Don’t screw it up, OK. I’m on your side.’”

Both Gray and Norton claimed they didn’t understand what Reid meant. I think they do. So do you:

“Shut up so we can blame Republicans for your suffering.”