DC Council Member: Ban Guns From Police Too

Should we ban guns from police?

There’s a DC Council member who takes the typical gun control argument that “guns are the problem” to its logical conclusion. He actually wants them prohibited from police as well. This is an idea that’s just way to controversial even for the members of his own staff, who advised him not to voice his opinion on the matter. They want to bar firearms from civilians, not police. Police need weapons to protect themselves. Against defenseless civilians. Makes sense.

Of course, when you try to ban guns from civilians, police are inevitably going to deal with armed criminals. So, if they actually ended up disarming the police, the criminals would run the show. They pretty much run the show now. It’s just that we don’t call them “criminals,” per se. We call them “Congressmen” and “Senators,” and they all happen to hang out in DC.

The Blaze reported:

“My staff won’t let me tell you that I think we oughta get rid of guns in the city and that police shouldn’t have guns so I’m not gonna tell you that,” D.C. Council Member at large David Grosso said.

Grosso, a registered independent who took office in 2013, brought up the point during a police oversight hearing at Howard University discussing the District’s stop-and-frisk policies. D.C. police officers have the authority to frisk an individual if they reasonably believe the person is carrying a concealed weapon or a dangerous tool.

Grosso spoke with TheBlaze about his comments at the police oversight hearing, saying he “is hoping we can begin to think outside the box a little bit and look for alternative ways to approach policing.”

“If we’re going to talk about community policing, and if we’re going to talk about building better relationships in the communities, I think we have to put it on the table that everything is possible,” Grosso said.

I think police are given way too much trust, and too often they’re given the benefit of the doubt, all at the expense of an innocent and dead civilian.

But having said that, I don’t think we should ban guns from the police. What we need is a better justice system that is truly blind. It doesn’t matter who committed the crime, whether it’s a police officer, a civilian, or a politician. The law is the law, and everyone is equal under it. Returning to a more blind justice system would make the police accountable for their actions, regardless of what the police union has to say.

DC shouldn’t be worried about completely eradicating guns from their residents and public officials. It should be a given that residents can own firearms for their own protection. And police should have them as well.

The problem here is not the guns. The problem is how our culture has been brainwashed over the past several decades to be scared to death of guns. Schools teach kids from their earliest years that even the very vague appearance of a gun in a drawing or a Pop Tart is a punishable offense. Those are the kids growing up to be DC Council members who want to ban guns universally without exception.