The Danger of Electing a Collectivist

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” – Hillary Clinton

The above quote from Hillary Clinton comes off as noble, perhaps even biblical—to love others more than yourself, and to put their interests above yours. However, upon further examination, Hillary’s sentiment couldn’t be much farther from the biblical notion of charity, and nobility. Dig a little deeper, past the platitude, and what Hillary seems to be talking about is a type of collectivism.

Collectivism is a theory you probably heard about in college. You may have understood it by a different name, but a turd by any other name smells just as bad. College campuses are centers for liberal indoctrination. Though your professors will tell you that college is a time to open up your mind to new ideas, their primary goal is to fill your brain with liberal theories, and beliefs that have no practical application in reality, but sound wonderfully insightful during group discussion in poli-sci 101.

As we live in a democratic republic, we have elected leaders. Those who are elected to lead this country have agendas that are in accordance with their ideologies. That, in itself, is not a bad thing. We all have principles upon which we base our ideas regarding policy. However, the left’s idea of collectivism is to have the state control everything. From healthcare to business, the government would have its hands in everything.

The left uses the image of collectivism, the beauty of the theory in a vacuum, to persuade people that it is a good idea. They begin the indoctrination in school, including college, and continue it through the media. Once enough people have fallen under their spell, the left puts into action their real agenda, which is to control the people. At some point, regardless of the theory, someone must be in control, someone must lead. The people accept this notion and elect a leader who they believe represents their values, and understands the purpose of a collective. They elect a leader who appears compassionate. Once elected, this leader then has complete power over the people because the people believe that they have a say, the people believe that they are being represented. The people have no clue that their leader has fooled them.

Once a collectivist leader comes to power, they are the arbiter of everything. They decide what is right, wrong, and neutral. In terms of the United States, it’s a bit more difficult, because we have multiple branches of government. However, if all three branches are controlled by those representing the faux collectivist agenda, the power balance is entirely shifted.

Hillary Clinton is a modern leftist, meaning that she espouses the values of collectivismwhile holding a deep disdain for the people. She will advocate for social justice, and sharing our burdens, but she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her real agenda is much more insidious, and toxic. Don’t fall for her talk, watch her walk, and you’ll see the truth behind the platitudes.