Dad Arrested For Trying To Pick Up His Kids From School

It’s actually not a sensationalist headline. This occurred at South Cumberland Elementary School in Tennessee. The dad came to the school on foot right when school was over at 2:00 in the afternoon to pick up his two kids. He was told that wasn’t allowed, and since he stood his ground, requesting to have his own kids released to him so that they could walk home, he was arrested for “disorderly conduct.”

According to a new school rule, parents can pick up their kids right at 2:00 as long as they wait in a huge line of parents-picking-up-their-kids-from-school traffic that stretches onto the highway. Walkers have to wait until 2:35 to be allowed to walk home.

But this particular dad Jim Howe argued that that rule only applied to students who were walking home by themselves. It didn’t apply to this situation where he, one of the parents, came to pick up his kids. He said that he shouldn’t have to wait in a huge line of traffic just to pick up his kids from school.

Thankfully, there was a school resource officer there to enforce this law new school rule. At all times, Howe was calm, collected and compliant. He was firm with his decision to pick up his own kids and walk with them home from school, but the officer would hear none of it. Deputy Barney Fife Avery Aytes kept saying that Howe was being “childish” and finally arrested him for being “disorderly.” Here’s the news video.

Even though the Cumberland County Sheriff defended his deputy, saying that he was just doing his job, he did agree with Howe in that there needs to be some common sense in coming up with these school policies, according to a local ABC affiliate:

 The sheriff says he agrees with Howe on principle. Both men say the new policy is creating safety concerns, mainly because there is a line of cars along the highway outside of the school. Burgess says parents should take any policy concerns to those in charge of the policy, not the school resource officer. “On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can’t make a black and white law,” [Sheriff] Burgess said.

The school doesn’t own your kids, but they sure do act like they do.