D.C. Won’t Give Concealed Carry Permit to Man Because he Doesn’t Have a Good Enough Reason

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in D.C., you have to have a “good enough” reason. Just saying that the crime rate is bad or that you have a 2nd Amendment right to do so isn’t sufficient. Here’s The Blaze:

Following a federal judge’s decision to strike down a ban on carrying handguns in Washington, D.C., Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski applied for a concealed carry permit. He reportedly filled out a “bunch of paperwork,” gave the city his fingerprints and paid $110.

Three months later, he was informed by the city that he didn’t demonstrate a “special need for self-protection distinguishable from the general community.” His application was denied.

Gutowski revealed on Friday that his application included several “online threats” he has received, including the following: “you’re gonna get it so bad, we’re comin for ya” and “I have a poster of you on my wall and every day I fantasize about how you’re gonna get it so bad, you bootlicker, you snitch, you dirty red-coat.”

As Gutowski also notes, “Washington, D.C., doesn’t consider its monumental crime rate a ‘good reason to fear injury to person or property.’”

The Second Amendment Foundation is currently suing the city over the restrictive concealed carry process. Last month, D.C. approved eight concealed carry permit applications and denied 11. The city had reportedly only received 69 applications by the end of January.

As for Gutowksi, he has just one option left regarding his right to carry a firearm: “appeal the ruling, in writing, within 15 days and hope a different set of D.C. bureaucrats finds my reasons good enough to allow me to exercise my right to bear arms.”

They have such tight restrictions on guns, yet it’s clear that the criminals there don’t particularly care what the laws are. I doubt any of the criminals there were questioned as to their reason for wanting to carry a gun. If they had been questioned, I doubt they would have been granted a government license to carry a gun around with them. It’s a lot easier for them to ignore the laws.

A lot of good these laws do. Criminals don’t care about the rules. And all the potential victims have to jump through all the hoops, many times only to find out that they don’t have a “good enough” reason to carry a weapon with them. The criminals can do whatever they want.