D.C. Residents: Government Shutdown Is “Bush’s Fault’

If you’re at all familiar with my articles, you’ll know that in no way am I a Bush apologist. I’m not a Republican cheerleader.

I think at one time I may have been, until it became painfully obvious that the vast majority of politicians, regardless of what letter appeared after their name, were pretty much the same. Their rehearsed speeches may have sounded different depending on their party affiliation, but nothing ever really changed from administration to administration; whether the GOP had the majority in the House or not; whether they had the majority in the Senate; whether we had “conservative” judges or not; whether a Republican occupied the White House or not.

Things don’t change, because once most of these people get a little taste of power, they can’t resist being completely plugged in to the D.C. money machine. Like the old saying goes:  “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What’s usually left out of that quote is the second sentence:  “Great men are almost always bad men.”

Having said all that, my criticism of our current two-party system (or one-party system, if you like) certainly doesn’t make me a liberal. I’m going to criticize both parties, because in different ways, they’ve both been responsible for the breakdown of our country.

For that reason, it’s equally annoying to hear people blame Bush for things that happened during this administration. Bush hasn’t been in office for five years. But they’ll tell you that Obama “inherited a mess” from Bush and been trying desperately to clean it up. I saw a comment the other day that addressed that defense:  “Firemen also inherit messes, but they don’t throw gasoline on them.” And that’s the point. Obama has only made things worse when he could have just as easily made them better. That would actually be “cleaning up the mess,” rather than making it messier.

So five years after Bush’s term, many D.C. residents still think the recent government “shutdown” is Bush’s fault:

I tried transcribing one of the responses in case you didn’t want to watch the whole thing to give you an idea of the caliber of intelligence emanating from these people who think Bush is to blame for the “shutdown”:

“George Bush, he was doin’ stuff, but he wasn’t like really doin’ as much [unintelligible] what Obama’s tryin’ to do. So it’s like so much that stuff that Obama tryin’ t’make up for what President Bush haven’t done, and Obama’s getting blamed for it.”

And remember, these people vote.