D.C. Man Shoots, Kills Armed Attacker

I should clarify that the attacker was armed, but after he shot an innocent man in the chest, the victim was able to wrestle the gun away from the crook and shoot him back, killing him. So, the attacker wasn’t armed in the moment he was shot, because his gun was in the hands of one of his victims.

An armed D.C. thug, identified as Jerome Wright, held up four men at gunpoint who were walking down the street. A fight ensued, and one of the four ended up getting shot in the chest. That’s when the victim gained control of the firearm and shot the criminal in self-defense.

According to Fox 5, Wright had a record:

“It’s a justifiable homicide, but the issue is it could have been very tragic the other way,” said Sgt. Delroy Burton of the D.C. Police Union.

FOX 5 has learned that Wright was a career criminal. He just spent five years in jail on felony robbery and other charges. He got out of a halfway house in June. By September, he was back out selling drugs on H Street.

Less than a month ago, Wright was arrested for selling crack cocaine. According to court documents, police put him in the back of their wagon, but he busted out, assaulted the cop and then made a run for it.

Police found Wright at a home after a six-hour manhunt. Upon searching the home, police found bolt cutters, handcuffs, and he had cut off all of his dreadlocks.

Wright was sent back to jail. He was held for a week in September for violating parole, but a judge had no choice but to release him.

What’s surprising to me is that the victim who ended up shooting the robber won’t likely be facing any charges. But not even illegal possession of a firearm? D.C. has extremely tough gun control laws. They have no tolerance for gun owners. If D.C. had their way, they’d have a near-universal gun ban. Under duress of a court order, they had to have a concealed carry ordinance. But that doesn’t make it a whole lot easier to own a gun legally, let alone carry it concealed around the District legally.

But criminals don’t care. That’s why this guy felt confident enough to go up against four guys. None of them were armed.

Sgt. Burton was right. “It could have been very tragic the other way.” The victim who was shot in the chest did something very risky in trying to gain control of the suspect’s gun. The odds were against him. If D.C. had laws that were more protective of innocent people, citizens would be free to carry self-defense weapons to ensure that they stood a much better chance of besting an armed attacker.