D.C. Dem: Obamacare Numbers Are Low, Because People Thought The Law Was Repealed

They’ve got one excuse after another.

Just over a million people have enrolled into Obamacare exchanges around the country. I’m not sure how many of those enrollees have paid, but those are the recently released figures from the Obama administration as to how many were finally able to get through the website to sign up.

They were expecting about 3 million by this time, and in order for Obamacare to be financially viable, they’re going to need about 7 million by the end of March.

Of course, I don’t understand why they need a certain number of people in order to fund this broken system. Just look at Social Security. It’s been broke for years. But that hasn’t stopped them from raiding the general fund. If they fail to get the “required number” of enrollees for Obamacare, they’re not going to let the system die. They’ll tax us to support the system, and they’ll steal from the general fund.

Nevertheless, they have about a third of their desired number of enrollees. And guess who’s to blame for these low numbers according to D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton? The Republicans, of course. And according to her, the Democrats have had to weather “the most negative propaganda campaign from within Congress in history.”

MSNBC host Richard Lui asked Norton if it was possible to get 7 million people to sign up by the end of March [via Mediaite]:

“Oh, sure,” Norton replied. “When that fine is going to kick in, you’re going to see people trotting to sign on like you’ve never seen it before.”

“What we have been battling now is, first, every time the House couldn’t think of anything else to do, it had a big debate on repealing Obamacare,” Norton continued. “So, there are millions of people out there who think it was repealed.”

“So, there was no way to break through that very easily,” she concluded.

I’d like to believe that Obamacare was repealed. And I guess I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the average liberal on the street actually believed that. But that wouldn’t be the GOP’s fault. That would be the fault of liberals who don’t care enough about politics to be informed. They care about things like making sure Miley Cyrus is allowed to “express herself” on stage, while calling on A&E to silence Phil Robertson.