Cut Off the Head and the Body Will Die: Let’s Get Serious about Illegal Immigration

One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration, because this is a multi-headed Hydra that affects our economy, our health care, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality.” – Allen West

The immigration debate is more necessary than ever before, and yet few politicians have any workable ideas. Personally, had we the resources and the ability, I would deport every illegal immigrant, and bar them from returning, as they are a severe drain on the economy. However, according to many critics of such plans, that’s not feasible.

So I have a new plan. If deportation is not workable in the real world, what’s the next step? Cut off the head, and the body will die. By that I mean cut off all resources within reason to the illegal population, and they will have no options.

1. We need a nationwide E-Verify that actually works. I’m aware of the flaws of the E-Verify program as it stands; I’m aware of the false positives and negatives, and the fact that even where it’s mandatory, only some businesses participate. Let’s change that. Fix E-Verify. People act as though it’s simply impossible. We are a collectively brilliant people, and I’m certain we can fix the false positive and negative system before E-Verify is rolled out nationally.

2. Give businesses incentive to use it. If it’s mandatory, but businesses aren’t participating, we must ask ourselves why that is. My best guess would be because enforcement is spotty. Step up enforcement. Levy massive and crippling fines on businesses that don’t participate in the redesigned E-Verify. If we lay a heavy eye on businesses, they will certainly feel the heat. Use E-Verify or go out of business.

3. Deport all criminal illegals—down to thefts, and petty crimes. The Obama administration has been responsible for the release of thousands of dangerous criminal illegals onto the streets, including those who have committed rape and murder. Don’t believe me? Google it. Shut it down. Deport all criminal illegals immediately.

4. Grant legal status to those who have committed no crimes aside from their initial crime of crossing the border illegally. However, force them to pay any and all back taxes, and fine them for their illegal entrance.

5. This one is critical. Never give illegal immigrants citizenship. Ever. Make them legal residents, who can work and live in the open, but never allow them the privilege of voting.

6. Institute a nationwide biometric ID to ensure that only citizens are participating in the democratic process of our republic. I’m fully aware of the downsides of a biometric national ID, and the uneasiness Americans have with such an invasive idea. However, it’s just an idea, and one that may be necessary to prevent election fraud forever—as we know it exists, despite Democrats saying otherwise. And for those who allegedly cannot afford such an ID (ludicrous), a trust will be established to aid those individuals. This trust will be arranged through the cutting of funds from any number of the absolutely useless federal agencies. No ID, no vote.

6 (b). If not a national biometric ID, then a state-required photo ID, including barcode.

7: End birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.

That last one is a bit tricky—so are all of my ideas. However, many scholars agree with me that the 14th Amendment was never intended to grant birthright citizenship.

Additionally, no solution is going to be easy. If we want to save the country from collapse, and a future in which Democrats win all national elections, we need to dig our hands into the ground, and do the hard work.

If mass-deportation is off the table, then let’s get serious. If building a wall is not feasible, as we are repeatedly told by liberals and establishment Republicans, then let’s make it impossible for illegal immigrants to get work, and receive the financial benefits of our nation. If we do this, any and all future illegals will have no incentive to come to the United States. Cut off the head, and the body will die.

Oh, let’s also build a wall. It’s not financially impossible.