The Curious Case of Megan Huntsman

It is uncanny how easy it is for human beings to see things so clearly in some situations, but fail to see a correlation in parallel circumstances. Let me tell you a story from Utah about a woman named Megan Huntsman.

Megan Huntsman had three children already—two teenagers and an adult. And she didn’t feel like she should have any more children. So she decided to go to an abortion clinic. Seven times she went to the abortion clinic, and seven times she “got rid” of her unwanted babies. In a strange twist, she asked for the remains of the infants and stored them in cardboard boxes in her garage. Her husband never knew about the pregnancies or the strange collection in the garage. Her other children never knew either. In fact, even the neighbors thought the family was pretty much normal.

Aside from collecting the remains, this story has happened over and over again all over this country. Well, and one other point. Megan Huntsman didn’t actually go to an abortion clinic. She killed her babies herself, apparently in the process of or right after birthing them. Because of this one small feature of bad timing, Megan Huntsman has gone from “tragic story of a cornered woman saved by reproductive rights” to “horrific story of murderous monster who butchered babies and collected infant bones.”

But, in reality, the two things just aren’t different. It surprises me to no end how vehement and judgmental people have been toward Megan Huntsman. Don’t get me wrong. I think what she did is absolutely deplorable. But how is it that our country can be so disgusted by seven dead infants killed in cold blood by an obviously deranged “mother,” and yet not even bat an eye at the graveyard of millions of infants we have stored in our national garage of shame?

Reality is a tricky thing. It’s easy for us to hide from it behind re-defined words and split hairs. But there’s no need to mince words. In fact, it is of the utmost importance that we tell the truth—abortion is murder. Disgusting murder of the most innocent life in this country. And in our hearts we know we have blood on our hands. Let Megan Huntsman be a sign to you—let’s work to end the abortion holocaust.