Criminal Tries to Break into Texas Home; Gets Shot Three Times

If he had been somewhere like New York City, he’d probably have been fine. Gun ownership is strongly discouraged there, and people have a general fear of guns. If he had broken into someone’s house there, he probably would have been able to get whatever he wanted and leave unharmed.

But Texas is a different story. People there own guns and use them in these kinds of breaking-and-entering cases:

A man was shot several times when investigators say he tried to break into a Pasadena home in the 3700 block of Lily street around 6:30 Tuesday morning.

“It’s just amazing that people do what they do and expect nothing to happen to them,” Robert Lambert said, who lives a few houses down the street.

Police say the intruder tried to break a front window seven or eight times and the mom and son inside heard him. A family member tells ABC-13 the son shot the intruder once and the mom fired several shots.

“Let’s just put it this way: it’s not an event that I would want to personally experience. It’s very, very traumatic,” said Vance Mitchell with Pasadena Police.

The man was hit twice in the backside and once in the face.

Next door, Annie Harris woke up hearing the shots.

“We heard about three loud gunshots,” Harris said.

She called 911.

“They (mom and son) did what they had to do so he couldn’t come to our house to try and hurt us,” Harris said.

Security cameras at the house recorded video of the suspect. The family says they didn’t recognize him, though police say he’s from the area.

The man was flown to the hospital. No word on how he’s doing or what charges may be filed.

It looks like both the mom and the son were armed. I know some are going to comment, saying that they must “need more range time,” because the guy didn’t die instantly. Look, they did the best they could, and it’s not like they didn’t get him. He was shot twice in the back and once in the face. Just because he didn’t die immediately doesn’t mean they need more range time. I’d say they did pretty well, considering the circumstances, and the threat was neutralized.