Criminal Duo Learns the Hard Way Not to Rob Cigar Shop

There’s a cigar shop in Lithonia, Georgia, just east of Atlanta that was targeted by a couple thieves, one of whom was armed with a shotgun. One of them went in and distracted an employee with a question about an item on a shelf. When the worker went to help the guy out, the other guy came up behind him and put a shotgun to his head. The employee turned around slowly, grabbed the shotgun and then pulled out his own handgun and shot the guy dead. The other one ran out, jumped in his SUV and drove off. The guy who fled the scene later turned himself in at the advice of his dad. 11 Alive reported:

Officials have confirmed that a would-be store robbery in Lithonia has proven fatal for one of two robbers.

The shooting happened at 3316 Snapfinger Road where an employee of Paradise Island Smoke Shop shot and killed one person trying to rob the store, police said.

During the incident, one suspect tried to distract the employee by asking to view a product.

While the employee was turned around the other suspect pulled out a shotgun and hit the employee in the head, police said.

But the incident didn’t go as planned for the suspects.

Police said the employee pulled out his own firearm and fired several rounds, killing one suspect.

The employee was alone in the store and no one else was hurt, officials said.

The second perpetrator, a 19-year-old male, fled the scene in a light-colored or white SUV but was apprehended hours later.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. on Thursday and DeKalb Police are on the scene.

Police have not yet to identify the suspect who was killed.

But this may not be the only incident at least one of the suspects was involved in.

Police said that another robbery also happened less than two miles away on Panola Road at a check cashing business.

Police said the description of the getaway vehicle and the suspect matched the one from the crime scene.

Police officials say they do have leads they are following including surveillance footage from the incident.

This is yet another case showing how important it is for people to be armed. You never know what could happen. But I’m hoping that criminals will get the message that if they try to rob a business at gunpoint, they will know exactly what will happen. More than likely, they’ll either end up in the slammer, or in the morgue.