Crazy Feminists Co-Opting Men’s Health Campaign For Their Own

“Raising awareness” is such a tired phrase. October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Oh, thank you for wearing that pink ribbon on your lapel. I wasn’t aware of breast cancer until I saw it.

November, too, is used by men to “raise awareness” of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. The signal that is supposed to make us “aware” of men’s health issues is a mustache, or a “mo.” Thus November was unofficially renamed Movember, the month in which men let their mustaches grow out before shaving them again on December 1.

Question: If you want to “raise awareness” of an issue, why are you only doing it for 30 days?

Answer: Because it’s not about raising awareness, but about being recognized as someone who “cares” and wants that credit.

Despite my qualms with the Movember circus of sanctimony, I have bigger ones with the feminists who can’t let men have anything for themselves.

Women are now participating in Movember. I guess the horrendous sight of women with furry legs and pits is supposed to encourage men to get a prostate exam?

Of course it isn’t. Like I said, it’s because feminists can’t let men be content by themselves in their maleness. They want to insert themselves into everything male-oriented. Oddly, we never hear feminists encouraging men to have breast exams during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign (nor do men try to insert themselves into the matter by demanding equal representation in it).

When feminists aren’t trying to participate in Movember, they’re trying to tear it down, make it sound unjust, unfair.

Fashion/feminism website À la Garçonnière quotes an article that’s no longer online in which the feminist writer whines about all the things a feminist writer is expected to whine about. This includes the complaint that Movember—a mustache-growing campaign—targets males.

“It’s cisnormative,” she writes. “Movember’s prostate cancer focus has expanded to encompass ‘men’s health awareness’ generally. Still, not all men have prostates. Cervical cancer is also a ‘men’s health’ issue….”

If this supposed fact blows your mind, don’t worry, it’s not a fact. She is referring to transsexuals, or who are now fashionably referred to as transgenders in the left’s attempts to muddy the waters of what “gender” actually means.

The Huffington Post has an uncharacteristically impartial take on it all, quoting one woman as saying, “[D]o not take this prostate cancer awareness month away from men and make it about feminism and your rights not to shave!”

She’s right. Sure, I may find Movember to be totally stupid, but why can’t we let men enjoy it?

“No!” shriek the feminists.

Ugh. So shrill.