CPS Investigating Will and Jada Smith Family

There may be no organization on earth I hate more than CPS (Child Protective Services). There are few organizations in America (other than possibly government schools or Planned Parenthood) whose works are so contrary to their purported mission or whose followers are more deluded. Well, CPS is at it again.

They have decided to investigate the family of Will and Jada Smith entirely on the basis of a single photo that a family friend posted to Instagram. The photo depicts 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias, sitting upright in bed with his shirt off while Willow Smith, Will Smith’s 13-year-old daughter, lies down on the same bed. She is fully clothed, and there is nothing explicitly sexual about the photograph.

But of course, everyone came out swinging to talk about how inappropriate it was—statutory rape, half-naked man in bed with innocent girl, etc. That’s just how our culture works. And, honestly, I wouldn’t allow either of my daughters to lie down in the same bed with a man, especially without his shirt on. I don’t even allow them to hang out with men unsupervised at all. But I’m obviously a different kind of parent than Will or Jada Smith.

Is that wrong? No. They don’t need to be the same kind of parent I am. We have different values. Different lifestyles. Different occupations. Different worldviews and parenting strategies. But does that mean they’re not fit parents, or that CPS needs to investigate them? No. CPS really doesn’t need to be involved. At all. It’s a publicity stunt and a continued ploy for money and attention. And it does no real good. CPS regularly ignores cases where there is real need to pursue safe and spurious investigations that keep them well funded.

I’m sure Willow Smith is probably better off with her parents than most young people in Hollywood, but she will still have a lot to endure, the least of which I’m sure is an imprudent social media post. Perhaps CPS should have investigated the families of Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears… Or CPS could just quit bothering people altogether.

If Will and Jada Smith are aware of the nature of Willow’s relationship to Moises (it’s not like he did anything to hide it), and they permit it, that’s really their business isn’t it? Whether or not we agree with their parenting strategy, they should be allowed to exercise freedom in it until they actually break the written law of the land. Breaking the unspoken law of CPS is, or rather should be, immaterial.