Court Upholds School’s Decision To Ban Students From Wearing American Flag Shirts

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is at it again. They’ve upheld a California high school’s right to prohibit students there from wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Here’s Eric Owens with the Daily Caller:

Officials at Live Oak High School banned American flags on May 5, 2010 because the year before there had been altercations between white students and Mexican students. There were American flags and chants of “USA.” According to reports, there were also Mexican flags and kids running around saying, “F*** them white boys. Let’s f*** them up.”

The high school, located 20 miles south of San Jose, has had numerous gang problems. Nevertheless, the school seems to have organized an impressive Cinco de Mayo celebration.

On Cinco de Mayo in 2010, a handful of students showed up with shirts emblazoned with American flags. The principal told those students to turn the shirts inside out or leave school.

All kinds of threats against those flag-wearing students occurred around May 5, 2010 as well.

School administrators at Live Oak High School – a school with a predominant Mexican-American student-body – had called the patriotic apparel “incendiary.”

Students of Mexican heritage told local media that the American flag-festooned students should apologize. They said ethnically Mexican students wouldn’t wear a Mexican flag on the Fourth of July (not a school day, but never mind).

The court upheld the school official’s decision to ban these shirts on Cinco de Mayo, because the decision was made with the intent to “prevent violence.” If they want to prevent that kind of violence, would they be OK with segregating schools again? Wouldn’t that help to stem race-related violence?

This is hardly the first time students in America have been called out for their overt patriotism. A group of Camarillo High School (also in California) students were suspended for wearing American flag bandanas and chanting, “USA! USA!” at a school basketball game. Officials stated that those actions and words were “racist.”

They’re in America. We haven’t joined Mexico in a North American Union. Yet, anyway. We’re still the United States of America. And people come here from all over the world, because they still view this country as the land of the free. It’s OK to be happy that you’re an American. Even if you’re Hispanic.

Only in America, the Land of the Free, would chanting America’s name and wearing America’s colors be considered derogatory.