Couple Can’t Be Foster Parents Because Gun Permits?

Apparently, current Nevada law stipulates that a gun-owning couple can be foster parents for a child as long as the ammo is stored in a completely separate container from the firearm, which also has to be stored in a separate and secure container. Basically, you can have guns, as long as they’re completely useless.

One Nevada couple own guns and have owned them for years ever since they were the victims of an attempted home invasion up in New York. Obviously, in New York, guns are basically banned, so in order for them to be able to adequately defend themselves in the future, they had to move to a place that didn’t criminalize the 2nd Amendment. So, they moved to Nevada.

Which is a pretty good state to live in for gun rights. But their stipulations on foster parents essentially require that only non-gun owners can be foster parents. Fox News reported on the case:

A Nevada couple were denied their request to serve as foster parents because they have permits to carry guns.

Brian and Valerie Wilson, of Las Vegas, told “Fox & Friends” Sunday that they have always planned to become foster parents and eventually adopt, but have been denied permission to do so because of a state regulation that prohibits the carrying of loaded weapons with foster children.

“I really want a family,” said Valerie Wilson. “It really is heartbreaking because these kids are in institutionalized homes; they aren’t getting the families that they deserve,” she told “Fox & Friends.”

“It’s heartbreaking that they’re not getting the home they deserve,” she said.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Brian Wilson added. “We’re talking about law-abiding people, people who have had background checks.

“We’re not talking about leaving a firearm around the house,” he said.

The Wilsons said they got the gun permits years ago after they were victims of an attempted home invasion. “We realized that bad things can happen to good people at any time and we need to be responsible,” Brian Wilson said.

Now the Wilsons are fighting to get the law in Nevada changed.

They testified last week before the state Assembly Judiciary Committee to ask lawmakers to approve Assembly Bill 167, which would allow residents to carry loaded weapons on their person or in a car and still serve as foster parents, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Current rules reportedly require guns and ammunition to be stored separately in secure containers in homes with foster children. The Wilsons’ request for a variance to the current law was denied.

Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz, a Democrat, said foster children are often traumatized. She asked if having them exposed to weapons would be appropriate.

Jill Marano, deputy administrator of the state Division of Child and Family Services, said the agency has fears about the possibility that a child could gain access to a loaded weapon. She opposed the bill in its current form.

It’s always a concern that a child might access a loaded gun. That concern is not limited to foster children. Gun-owning parents do have to teach their kids about firearms, so that their kids understand that guns are not toys. They have to learn to respect them.

And I understand that foster children are often traumatized from their abusive biological parents. But where would you draw the line? How about kitchen knives? Baseball bats? Hammers? Axes? All those can be used as dangerous weapons. Guns aren’t the only things that can be used as dangerous weapons.

What if a traumatized, adopted child gained access to a large kitchen knife and killed his foster parent or parents in the middle of the night? Would the state then make it a law that foster parents could only own large kitchen knives as long as they were dull and made of state-approved cardboard?

I would think that the state would want responsible gun owners to be foster parents. They’re the ones who would not be afraid to defend their adopted child in the event that they had a home invasion. It would actually be safer for the child to live with gun owners than with those who have rendered themselves and their family defenseless.