Could it be Clinton and Obama in 2016?

Many Americans would like to believe, barring an unlikely repeal of the 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution Barack Obama would never be able to run on a Presidential ticket again. However, given the Democrat Party’s addiction to stretching and twisting U.S. laws to steal victories when failure is imminent, Americans cannot ignore the very real possibility of a Clinton/Obama ticket in 2016.

Be advised, lack of legal clarity has always been Obama and the Democrat Party’s greatest ally in their war on American traditions. Obama is a shameless specialist in murky law and questionable executive orders designed to trample on the U.S. constitution. After having read a variety of opinions from differing schools of legal thought, I have come to a troubling conclusion that a history making 2016 Hillary/Barack Democrat ticket could be in the works. Let me attempt to explain.

The 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for the prohibition or the disqualification, for “election” only, to a third presidential term, for anyone who has held the Office of President for 2 terms or 8 years. It does not define a candidates “eligibility” to hold that office. The 12th amendment to the Constitution defines Presidential and Vice-Presidential “eligibility.”

The U.S. Constitution’s 12th amendment bars, from both the Presidency and Vice-presidency, those persons who are “ineligible to the office” of President. Presidential eligibility requirements as defined by law are a person being a natural born citizen (I know, I know), who is over the age of 35 with 14 years of prior documented U.S. residency. Therefore, it can be argued that Obama, although prohibited or disqualified from being “elected” to the Office of President for a third term, is not disqualified from being nominated to, winning, and holding the Office Of Vice President because he meets (I know, I know) the eligibility requirements to be President.

For many legal scholars, an Obama Vice-Presidential candidacy is possible given the 22nd amendment only disqualifies two term Presidents from “election” to the Presidency not the Vice Presidency. To these same scholars the Constitution does not disqualify Obama from becoming or being nominated as a Vice-Presidential running mate possessing the future right to ascend to the Presidency, if necessary.

Given the electoral loyalties of American women and minorities, it seems obvious that the very popular Hillary Clinton, a will be the Democrats 2016 Presidential Candidate. After all, as long as misguided low information voting women and minorities continue to place their hopes for social dominance in liberal dogma, a Clinton candidacy is the Democrats best hope for another Presidential victory. Add to that, the optics of Barack Obama, as a potential Vice President in charge of community organizing, and any Republican candidate (or Libertarian for that matter) is finished.

It is pure blindside political genius, and yes, I would not put it past any of them. Somehow, I foresee liberals conveniently shedding their long held belief—at least for one election—that the Constitution is a living breathing document out of touch with the modern world and moving to a more obdurate and “textual” interpretation of the 12th and 22nd Amendments leaving moderate less combative Republicans to once again, twist in the wind.

The 22nd Amendment is a long way from repeal. I think most people recognize that as fact. However, is a constitutional battle over an Obama Vice-Presidency no one intends to fight so farfetched? Will the morally bankrupt race card playing Democrat party once again swing for the fences while Republicans like John McCain look the other way?

History has shown America just how much our ruling class is willing to overlook and forgive. After all, for five years, our government has ignored the definition of “natural born citizen,” but it took them less than one day to affirm the authenticity of President Obama’s overdue birth certificate. Why is it so hard to envision liberals pushing for an historical Obama Vice-Presidency and Republicans just rolling over?

If I am right, and I pray, I am wrong, Obama like the Clinton dynasty is here to stay.